As the name implies this is a new Akatsuki. Imagine you are the leader thereof. Pick any characters from the Naruto world, other manga, anime, or video games who will round out your organization. Your Akatsuki can have either 11 members or 10 members. It's eleven in the case where you lead and maintain something of a hands-off approach to missions or if you just prefer to work alone. If you will lead but also have a partner then membership is limited to ten. Obviously I'm bored but if we get enough people here, enough active people maybe we can do an RP. Of course if that happens we'll set-up some guidelines for some of the characters who are total hax.

Zero Akatsuki - 10 Members

1) Zero Phoenix & Neliel Tu Ordevsky (Bleach)

2) Ragna The Bloodedge (BB) & Sol Badguy (GG)

3) Vaan (FF12) & Ashe (FF12)

4) Kurenai (pre-preg ) & Maya (Borderlands 2)

5) Takeuchi Sora (Air Gear) & Killik (Air Gear)