At the same time, floating in the debree of a previous battle. Nik thinks about the loss of his subordinants..
"Did they all have to die..Carl,Sam,Mari,Lu..Why did the army send us for a hopeless mission..why did they use us as fodder...Why am i the only one left.. why did the light forsake me why.. why.."I questioned myself over and over again timed seemed to slow down..
After an hour Nik returned to his sences..
"I better go back to headquaters to report on what happened" i said quietly
Taking the contrals Nik tried moving his machine it wouldnt move at all. it seems it was out of power.
"A couple secends less and i would have bein dead now..Haha..God really is on my side" I said laughing
Floating in space laughing Nik awaits for anyone friend or foe