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Thread: Itachi's defeat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minato Namikaze View Post
    Man Itachi never lost he is alive

    how stupid nobody realized it
    dude u r the stupid 1 where does it say or even hint itachi is alive? cuz he may have twitched his fingers like 1 millimeter? no

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    mmm why did I knew one way or the other something would have to happen so that Sasuke has absolutely nothing to do with Itachis death (which is what most people here are saying). I mean he only wasted Itachi's stamina when he overcame tsukuyomi (strangely enough he was fine until Sasuke broke it), stabbed him with a blade the size of my leg, had him waste chakra on two amaterasus and then forced him to use Susano'o (the ultimate technique... I d'like to see how much chakra that spent since after using it Itachi started to act even more sickly...literally...with all the coughing). damn I see no reason why Itachi would be out of chakra or something or Sasuke have anything to do with his death. oh wait zetsu said so, so it must be true.

    well if it was some outside factor I will bet in disease. or he simple wanted to die....mmm not sure which but Itachi always seemed kind of suicidal to me with all those pills he took...well those cases are usually just a cry for attention and Itachi has always liked to have attention:
    passing the ninja school with 6
    having the sharingan at seven
    murdering the clan at 13
    saying he has important things he has to discuss with the main character
    coughing to try to call attention
    the usual

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    Maybe MS is a poison like think about it We know the more you use the MS the faster that the person will be blind. He was probablly so close to getting blind and maybe the more you use MS the more the poison attacks the body. Its little bit confusing but thats my theory.

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    It could easily have been previous overuse of the Sharingan.

    One other possibility is that Itachi wanted to loose, subconsciously at least. That might explain why he seemed to have tears in his eyes (as observed by Kisame when it seemed Sasuke had perished with Deidara). It might also explain why Itachi didn't use Susano'o on Sasuke directly. I'm willing to entertain the notion of Madara mind control on Itachi at Itachi's fateful first meeting with Madara.

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    Maybe it's because he used all three of the sharingan's: tsuki, amaterasu, susano. Maybe it was to strenuous. But it's a weird observation that zetsu made, it seemed like he was sure that itachi would win. I mean why did itachi search out his brother if he was injured beforehand, for some reason there was a time constraint, he could have killed sasuke later. Maybe it was b/c tobi was getting to close to catching Naruto. I wonder what is really going on, how annoying this is sometimes.
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    It's not such a weird observation. Zetsu has probably been watching Itachi fight for a number of years so he got used to Itachi's style of fighting. So noticing a change in the way Itachi was fighting must have been easy to see. Zetsu thought Itachi would win until he started coughing up blood. That's probably what confused Zetsu the most.

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    i dont think anyone poisoned itachi, if it did it would be a shit reason for him dying because the nurse gave him the wrong medicine lol.

    can anyone tell me whats this thing falling out of amatratsu.

    also why the snake is going into the forrest that is being burned up and then ends up being burned

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    if itachi is dead then why is his jutsu still going, shouldn't it have dispelled are something like that
    That's actually a good observation...If we look at the last couple of chapters you see how he hits Sasuke with amaterasu, but stops it so he could get Sasuke's eyes. Perhaps the real Itachi is still around?
    He did want to speak to Naruto afterall, I don't think it'd be left out like that...
    Oh well guess we won't know anything until it's done.

    Well either way, it was a good cliffhanger...leaves a lot of questions...

    I'm very curious on how the Uchiha clan was destroyed. I know Itachi explains that He and Madara did it. However at this point I'm inclined to think that Itachi only says things to lead others on to what he wants them to do. He doesn't seem the type that will tell the truth. He seems more willing to twist the truth or hide it.

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    I think it was stated the black fire will continue to burn until it's target is completely gone so its got some time before the forest or at least the area that came into Itachi's view is completely burned.

    As for the Uchiha massacre, I'd be willing to believe that Itachi and Madara were still responsible since there's still only 3 Uchiha left. The only part of the story that changed about the massacre was that Itachi didn't do it alone.

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    think the black flames burn till their target is destoryed or for 7 days n 7 nights(this was said sumwhere but not too sure abt this)........
    n i think itachi's dead.......
    kishi wouldn't bring itachi back......
    don't think kishi would do this to this audience.....

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