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    Of the watches they had left to dole out, I think there were not enough for, he deserves to be told no every now and then since he's a pansy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
    Xanxus still got shat on and it will continue to be that way should he persist, old scars showing up or not.
    I lol'ed so hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
    Jager is too overwhelming.
    He's a regular Zero Phoenix.

    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
    It's unfortunate because Xanxus is my favorite character but unless what I said previously holds true (Xanxus and others simply being Mukuro projections - highly unlikely) then he's screwed if he continues to fight. He'll get the Squall treatment but I doubt Amano has it in her to kill him.
    Same here. XanXus isn't just my favorite character from Hitman but he's in my top ten faves of all-time. To think he'd get merked so easily is straight-up trolling on Amano's part.

    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
    My question however is, where the hell is Hibari? You would think that if they were going for a gangbang that they'd at least include everyone of pertinence, the strongest fighters of the generation. There may or may not be an asspull involving Hibari in the future unless Tsuna and his crew are a little more astute than I give them credit for.
    Good question. I was surprised to see that loser with the whip. He's proven himself to be absolutely pathetic in every single fight he's had. Amano's story claims that he can only fight at full-strength when his friends are watching him but yeah they did that during his battle with that Funeral Wreath and he still got his ass handed to him. And sure enough Hibari had to save the day. Why Hibari wasn't present at the beginning of this battle is beyond me, but he'll make an asspull worthy appearance when Jaeger is seconds away from killing these guys. Jaeger will go in for a huge AE attack that will kill everyone but he'll since a tremendous power. It will be Hibari who will someone defeat Jaeger by himself.

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    I give them 1 minute for Mukuro's real illusions to be massacred, 30 seconds (?) for arcobaleno's intervention and 1,5 minute for their real bodies... looks like Tsuna might be just in time .

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