Excellent chapter

Is that the real naruto in the kamui dimension?

Damn kishi for this cliff hangar, just one more page and we could settle the who is tobi thread , once'n'for all, but as other posters have mentioned there is a good chance that the scene might shift to the kages just to keep us guessing.

on the prediction front I always thought that with tobi as the final villain naruto would need 'that jutsu' (aka FTG) to counter tobi's 'can't touch this no jutsu' so either tobi will escape this situation (with or without his identity still a scret) or tobi will be defeated and sasuke is the final villain and that the FTG is for naruto to combat his Ultra EMS eyes.

seems a bit odd sasuke being the final villain as both naruto and sasuke lost their families due to madara/tobi, I always thought the the final battle would be something like naruto and sasuke teaming up to beat tobi, but kishi Sensei obviously has a some tricks up his sleeve.