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    Wouldn't it be amazing if we'll see Obito's face next chapter and then Kakashi's on the 600th chapter!!

    I remember Obito said "I'll crush the idea of Shinobi" sort of speech in Kakashi Gaiden... Unfortunately he didn't live long enough to become as twisted as Itachi or Oro... or did he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximo View Post
    For all the counter-arguments against Tobi=Obito theories, I would pretty much flip out when Tobi actually turns out to be Obito with a pretty ridiculous explanation as the cherry on top. Anyway, that hit at the end was kind of wasted on "just" cracking his mask while instead Naruto could have landed a hit on his chest to make a major injury.
    That's exactly what I fear. To be honest, I am not too happy with this development. Pretending not to have shown Tobi's MS by accident just to make us speculate who he might be was a cheap move. Why didn't Kishi show us? We already knew that Tobi has a huge stock of eyes, and we would have continued speculating, one way or the other.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    One of these moments.

    My thoughts exactly!

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    inbetween Matsumoto's ______! Dont, judge me!
    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    On another note, not too many people are giving Kakashi props on his improvements. Not only can he use multiple Kamui in one fight. He has used about four or five so far. But, he can now transport an entire body, which he admitted couldnt be done during his fights with Diedara and Pein. Thats some impressive stuff there.
    Adding to what I said earlier:

    Naruto was able to create a "regular" and a "Byjuu sized byjudama", all at the same time. Each created with one Naruto/Clone/split chakra. True meaning of "BEAST MODE!"

    I hate to say it, but the only thing left is to see Guy's "8th Gate"......and Tobi's face, of course....cough "Obito" cough.

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    Awesome Chapter. loved it.

    80% possibility: could be Izuna (madara's brother).

    But lets take a 180 degree turn....
    and say it could be Sakumo Hatake (kakashi dad)? sounds off right??

    here's some points.

    1. He was as strong as sanins or greater. (because he gained as equal respect as sanins).
    2. When naruto was about to born, tobi took control of all the shinobi's outside effortlessly. and who can do this, someone who knows everything about village right? a konoha shinobi right?.
    3. When kakashi asked tobi that "where did you get this eye" he said "The fight at the Kannabi Bridge. That fight where you Got to be CALLED the hero with the Sharingan". now there must be someone there watching them, the minato team, doing there mission right? lets forget about Izuna and lets say, that someone was Kakashi's dad.
    4. Tobi also said "I want to build a world where Heroes do not have to make excuses in front of Graves". now IS izuna is a babysitter of kakashi that he saw him while in front of ren/obito grave??? is he has nothing to do anything but to go and watch an unknown guy(kakashi)???

    well i know i will be wrong but thats one way of demonstrating how awesome naruto and kishi are Peace
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    We probably won't be seeing Tobi's face next week. I won't be surprised if he has something else covering his face.
    Hopefully a Kakashi Mask! FTW!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    The hit was meant to reveal his identity which is what we are leading up too in Ch 600 but yeah a Rasenshuriken or Mini Rasenshuriken or hell even a Planetary Rasengan would have been better than just a basic one. He had a chance to end it or really damaged his body.
    I don't know. No one in this manga shrugs off devastating Rasengans like Tobi can. The one that exploded his arm two chapters ago should've taken his whole right side off (a la Konan), but it only tore his clothes. He ate a full one directly in the back from Minato, and he was up zipping around like two seconds later. Tobi. Tanks. Rasengans.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monte.Teacher View Post
    Wouldn't it be amazing if we'll see Obito's face next chapter and then Kakashi's on the 600th chapter!!
    That would be way too much responsibility for us mere mortals way too quickly. However, if ever there was a time to unmask Kakashi, in a way that could still serve the story, this is it...


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    Why haven't anyone commented on what Tobi said to Kakashi this chapter?

    "I'm not afraid of some borrowed power that you can only use a bunch of times"

    Some BORROWED power? Why would he say that if he WASN'T Obito? If he had taken Obito's sharingan, he would have a borrowed power as well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Welcome Feoderp, as you can see, many of us agree with you. I made the same arguments myself.

    For tobi to be Obito, :

    1) He'd have needed rapid physical maturity beyond his peers in appearance (when he fought Yondaime). Barring extensive Zetsu parts replacements.

    2) He'd have needed extensive Mental Indoctrination, Mindwashing under Tsukuyomi (to turn his good heart cold).

    3) He'd have needed Extensive Training in Martial arts beyond Obito's level (perhaps Tsukuyomi again)

    4) He'd have needed Inculcation into knowledge of deep and secretive Uchiha Techniques that even Sasuke didn't know about.

    5) He'd have needed to be lying when he told Konan whom he was about to kill, and Kabuto who already openly knows he's not directly Madara, that the Rinnegans were his to begin with and that he gave them to Nagato.

    I think the weight of evidence is against the Obito theory.

    1. If his whole body was truly crushed by the boulders, beside his head as it was shown, then saying that his whole body beside the head is from Zetsu wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

    2. Itachi still had a good heart, yet he slew most of his clan, for a "greater good". If you actually read again the Konan vs Tobi fight, keep a closer look at Tobi's reaction after she called him "the darkness of this world". His reaction was like of someone that was aiming for a greater good, to save mankind in a way that this hopeless world allows to. He got frustrated by her remark, yet accepted it at the same time.

    3. Sharingan, don't underestimate it (as Tobi said to Gai), especially as he can send his body parts to other dimension, at the speed of thought.

    4. No, actually that is a very flawed assumption. Itachi have slew his clan at age 13 (IIRC), at that age Obito supposedly died. After the massacre, Itachi wouldn't have any more ways to learn Uchiha history, their jutsu or the likes beside the tablet. Tobi certainly didn't tell Itachi anything, since even Itachi said that he only knew a little more than Nagato. In other words, their knowledge up to age 13 would have been more or less the same, yet we still need to take into account what Zetsu/Madara might have told Obito.

    5. No, this can be another misunderstanding. As Madara was dead at that time (not counting ET), Tobi as to which Madara's will was passed to, would be the rightful owner of everything that Madara left behind, like the fan, Zetsus, Rinnegan, a scroll for making a pact with the Kyubi (Madara forced Kyubi to sign that contract with him, it certainly has the same workings as any other summon, not to mention the fact that Minato would only know how to eradicate the normal summoning contracts).

    Kakashi's and Tobi's jutsu work a little differently and if Tobi could use it like Kakashi, then there wouldn't be any point to this fight, it would have been ended the moment Tobi visited Naruto for a "talk" or any other moment he saw him.

    It's hard to call it the same jutsu, especially as Sasuke's both MS jutsu, are similar to each other, yet have different names (Amaterasu & Kagutsuchi).

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    I don't mind that Naruto wasted his opportunity on the mask. This way, whether Tobi runs away or not, we at least get a chance to see his face. Minato landed a serious blow, and it was pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Bones View Post
    Why haven't anyone commented on what Tobi said to Kakashi this chapter?

    "I'm not afraid of some borrowed power that you can only use a bunch of times"

    Some BORROWED power? Why would he say that if he WASN'T Obito? If he had taken Obito's sharingan, he would have a borrowed power as well..
    Doesn't change the fact that Kakashi's using a 'borrowed' power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Bones View Post
    Some BORROWED power? Why would he say that if he WASN'T Obito? If he had taken Obito's sharingan, he would have a borrowed power as well..

    Only the most bullheaded Naruto readers don't believe that Tobi is Obito. Other than that it's common knowledge. No one commented on Tobi's verbal assault because most fans are aware that Tobi is Obito and thus drawing attention to it would be the same as saying the world is round. When a fact is a presented which everyone, or most people are fully aware of it does not warrant further exploration.

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