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    Quote Originally Posted by lazybum View Post
    comeon minato........
    don't use spoilers here.......
    hell........i didn't see the spoilers.....n now its messed up......

    n on the topic........
    with or without the spoiler pics......
    i still believe that sasuke had feelings (not perverted but brotherly) for itachi.....
    these feelings caused sasuke to follow itachi......

    yeah i am really sorry cause of this spoilers

    it won't happen again

    i thought you all saw the RAW version already cause it was out
    Quote Originally Posted by uchihaboy2892 View Post
    itachi's dead. sasuke passed out from using all his chakra up. he held on long enough through fear, anticipation and determination. now that itachi is dead he can let his body rest. if itachi isn't dead (highly unlikely) than he too has passed out but he couldn't hold on long enough to take sasuke's eyes. zetsu will probably wind up eating his body and sasuke will go back to hebi n find kisame dead. or kishimoto will show the foight between them. i think juugo will spaz out and kill kisame n sasuke will return in just enough time 2 save suigetsu and the girl.

    pls boy read and write your comment after READING
    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    Sasuke doesn't know how to find Madara and he doesn't know what he looks like. Itachi can answer those questions if he's still alive. Otherwise, Madara will have to come to Sasuke.
    haven't seen his fingers ? Sasuke was not sure what to do and he looked down to Itachi. And Itachi moves his Fingers.

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