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    Seriously, whatever Itachi said seems to have spooked Sasuke right out his pants :S
    Sasuke looks like he's mentally retarded at the moment ^_^, with that suddenly weird grin and all.
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    ...dude...he just achieved his life objective....what did you expect? he having no demonstration of happiness/success/relieve? though I'm on my pants to know if Itachi said something relevant to him (which he probably did or otherwise we would've been able to see what it was)

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    anyone see where itachi's fingers move? maybe it was the shape shifting jitsu.
    page 7 at the bottom. it could be that his hand just went completely flat, but it looks more like he's bending his other fingers more, because his first finger seems to still be in the same location (using his thumb as reference, you can barely see it's outline in the last box, but before that box it shows his thumb in the same position)

    so it could be that they will have a death talk or when it gets back to them more things could do down. lawl, just like them to let us think the fight was over then bam, more later on.
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    Man, this is bull shit...... I just read the Translation from franky house and it seems to me that Kish is bull shitting us.

    For one, the comments from Zetus about the guy, Itachi, isn't himself shit. Just creating an loop hole for Itachi reappearance in later Manga chapters. Probable explained that Itachi is using the same jutsu that he used in the Gaara Rescue Mission were he's using some other persons body to fight Sasuke.

    And, why don't Saskue cut his brother throat. I mean He wanted to kill him so badly end it. Instead he lost strength or will to finish the job. Why if Sasuke doesn't kill him properly Itachi will just come back. And we just have to watch another fighter between these brother......Please

    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    That's not a raw, but a chinese scanlation, ecapeejm.

    .. I seriously think it has been a waste all those pages. Kishimoto used 6 pages to say something that could be said in 2.

    Very True.
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    new chapter is out.


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