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    Personally I think we'll never know....Amaterasu burns everything around right but we didn't see the full of it, remember, Itachi stopped Amaterasu

    Time Warp wasn't focused really well and we didn't see the full of it

    Susano well maybe the strongest so far
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    Kakashi... it's very hard to deffend, and i'm quite sure that it could send itachi with susano'o and all to other dimention.

    The weakness of this technique is..... Kakashi. He get's too tired for doing it. Maybe un able to do it for a long time, something he should be able to do if he wants to defeat Tobi or Pain.
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    Kakashi's MS warp jutsu's weakness is that it doesn't work too well on moving opponents because of the time it takes to focus the attack. As long as a person doesn't stand in one place for long, he won't have enough time to focus it on his opponent.

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    susano... no doubt, although it pretty much wastes you, its crzy strong. If kakashi learned how to use the time-space thingy properly it would be much better... oh ya and 1 question, are the sword or totsuka and yatas mirror a part of the technique or did itachi improve it? cuz if the sword of totsuka is so powerful then why bother fighting? all u have to do is slash the guy and u win...

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    ....Please at least read the reminders of what a thread in this section should be like...

    Unfortunately I have to trash this thread regardless


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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