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    Naruto Jiraiya ( Please read!)

    So i have this werid theory and of course its just an interesting thought. So everyone knows that Jiraiya died fighting Pain. But, what if he really is still alive. As you may recall, as he was sinking into the "lake, or ocean" or w.e... he was wondering about writing a new book... and planning on calling it Naruto Uzumaki chronicles or something... i dont remember the exact title. But, what if Naruto is just a story being told by Jiraiya to someone???? So what do you guys think about this theory???

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    You had my attention until you said "so i have this weird theory"

    In all seriousness, Jiraiya is dead and gone, as much as I hate to say it. Plus he already wrote a book called Naruto. And I wouldnt like it if the whole Naruto manga is just a story being told by Jiraiya to someone else. His death was one of those occasions where I was actually sad, but it needed to happen to progress the story. If the last chapter of the manga reveals that Jiraiya is alive I would be hugely disappointed.

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    that would be a even sader ending, as jiriaya would not have found the destined child yet.
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