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    I do think Tobi is Obito. I believe this is one of Danzo's Secret that is shared with Orochimaru and Kabuto. I believe when Obito was injured to the point of death he was found by Zetsu and put into Sasori and Orochimaru care where I believe in one of Orochimaru's weird experiments he put Marada into Obito's body sucess, only to think it was a complete failure. I believe knows this and is afraid of how much Kabuto know's about his destructive past. aka Uchiha Massacre and Marada's Revial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barack Obama View Post
    The only thing with this is Danzou has that eyed covered up alll the time until now. He did mention it was a long time since he fought=use the sharingan.

    I guess the only way we can debunk this or support this theory is if he pulls of some space/time jutsu in his fight.

    This might be something minor, but another thing to look out is if Kishi shows the Danzou fight, check out to see if his body/chakra isn't made for the sharingan. This would kind of help debunk the tobi/madara=danzou=obito theories. This might be one reason he has it covered up other than he doesn't want anyone else to know, so he can't be Madara/tobi. But still there is still some evidence to say otherwise, so I'm not necessarily leaning to one side or the other.
    - I dont think Madara's cant hit me jutsu is linked to his eye because he uses it all the time even when hes just using his normal Sharingan.

    - Actually you second part reminded me of something I forgot to add to my previous post. I did some research on something I found at the end of the databook.

    Basically there is a pie chart in the databook that compares blood types of the main charcaters too see which is the most popular type percentage wise. If I'm not mistaken bloodtypes in east are looked at alot like horoscopes in the west as a way of reading someones characteristics

    Anyways something intresting I found which makes sense is that Kakashi is an O blood type as is Obito which explains why he was able to accept his sharingan.

    Itachi and Sasuke are both AB blood types as is Danzou but Madara/ Tobi is conviently not available

    To those who are not M.D.'s or dont watch ER or House when transplanting organs bloodtypes are a huge factor. Say if you have a blood type like O then your doner would also need to be O. However some like AB are compatible with all other so if ou are AB you can accpet O , A , B & AB.

    I looked up with quick compatibility list of blood types here goes for those

    Blood Type Compatibility Chart

    Recipient's Blood ---> Type Donor's Blood Type
    O -------------------> O
    A -------------------> A or O
    B -------------------> B or O
    AB -------------------> A,B, AB or O

    Quote Originally Posted by Stev3child View Post
    Reasons why Madara and danzou are not the same entity:

    Their facial features are not identical, therefore are 2 seperate people.
    These features would be the rinkles that characterize their faces, Madara/Tobi has a left arm while Danzou has a supposedly deformed left arm or some type disablity and disposition. Danzou left eye is deformed and obviously disfigured in comparison to Madara's face who's eye which is anatomically normal. If I had databook info, I would comment on the hight/weight/size differences of their body. Not to mention the difference of goals that the 2 have. 1 ultimately wants Sasuke dead, and the other wants him preserved.

    My honest opinion is that danzou intends to use the 9 tails for himself with Sharingan, knowing that of he acquires MS, he'll be able to control it according to legend. This can explain the precautionary measures taken to keep Naruto safe in the village. This can coincide with his warhawk nature, becoming Hokage, so he can make Konoha the dominant force in the Narutoverse.

    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: 55.9 kg

    Birthday: December 24th

    Birthday: January 6th
    Height: 170 cm
    Weight: 52.7 kg

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    I still reckon Danzou is Madara.
    Danzou right eye is a sharingan, Madara has only shown his right eye.
    Danzou would have wanted to get rid of the 4th to become the next hokage, unfortunetly for him they took the 3rd back instead.
    Considering the fact that Orochimaru's cells are starting to take over Kabuto, the same thing could explain why Danzou wants Kabuto to look at his arm and eye.
    Madara is supposedly dead, if Danzou had somehow managed to get his eye......
    Danzou saw Nagato's power first hand (refering to nagato's flash back) and decided to make use of him, thus confronting him and making him the leader of Akatsuki.
    Danzou could be using an clone ability, which would explain why no one can hit that clone.
    Danzou needed Tsunade gone for him to become hokage, Madara's original goal was to be hokage.
    Madara sends Pain to destory Konoha, Danzou conveniently hides half the ANBU while the village is being destoryed.
    Madara wanted to destory Konoha anyways, Danzou just let him do so.

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    Danzou being afraid of Kabutochimaru mean alot. That mean experiment was implemented into getting that sharingan. The only problem now, is how long he has it transplanted. Was it while Orochimaru was still in konoha? When Orochimaru left and was with Akatsuki? When Orochimaru left akatsuki? When Orichimaru went to konoha exam and kill the 3rd?

    Zetsu theory of him getting Obito and such is plausible.

    Orochimaru getting hand on a uchiha's body is also possible. Not all body in his expiriment had to be non bloodline's body.

    I really wonder if Uchiha had a ritual for the dead so no one "steal" the grave and get the secret of the sharingan. Somehow like Hyuuga put sela on second branch.

    Danzou wanting to kill all Uchiha, even Sasuke now is strange. He maybe want to be the only sharingan user in the world because Uchiha were one of the strongest clan ever?

    Anyhow, his run for Kabuto is gonna reveal more.

    So far, as the Madara/Danzou theory goes on. Both character has next to same hair cut, use the right eye as sharingan and so far as the same sharingan. Danzou might fight physically but I doubt it. Might just use his eye to exterminate his enemy.

    People saying Madara and Danzou are not the same because...

    1: Danzou want Sasuke's death. Madara want to get Sasuke under his wing.
    Reason: Madara know how strong Sasuke is so if he is really Danzou, he know that Sasuke cand efend himself against anyone Konoha send against him. Danzou being hokage, has the role to hunt down missing nin.

    2: Danzou said he's hasn't fought in a while. Madara was seen fighting Sasuke and third tail ect.
    Reason: Deidara said it was his ability who did all the job. As for Madara doing anything on the 3tail, we dont know what it is. As for Madara, the only thing I remember seeing him doing is 1, dodge, dodge,dodge and dodge again! 2: Put off amaterasu. I don't remember him fighting anything.

    3: Danzou can't be Madara because they're not in same location.
    Reason: Look at the warping ability of Madara's sharingan. Teleporting anywhere seem so easy.

    Now, more thing resembling both of them. Madara was mizukage. Zabuza came from there. If Zabuza was a kid and went under the exam at that time. It would explain Danzou's root teaching as well.

    Anyhow, since Kishi like playing mind game, it wouldn't be a surprise if Danzou was Madara/tobi.

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    It would be a huge surprise.

    Because it makes no sense what so ever.

    Danzou is not Madara. Danzou is not Tobi. Danzou is not Obito. Danzou is Danzou. He heard about the success Kakashi had with Obito's eye. So he took one for himself since the 3rd already destroyed his right eye.


    Awesome, just awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregge View Post
    It would be a huge surprise.

    Because it makes no sense what so ever.

    Danzou is not Madara. Danzou is not Tobi. Danzou is not Obito. Danzou is Danzou. He heard about the success Kakashi had with Obito's eye. So he took one for himself since the 3rd already destroyed his right eye.
    Huh where was it stated that the third destroyed Danzou's right eye?

    Anyhow, if we go with your theory of X is X. Then Tobi is not Madara either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaraky696 View Post
    Huh where was it stated that the third destroyed Danzou's right eye?
    I would also like to know this
    You know, I always wanted to date a girl named "The Power"

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    If Danzo was really Madara, why would he have to cover his Sharingan at all times? He would be a full blooded Uchiha and could turn his Sharingan on and off at will. Danzo = Danzo.

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    okay any one who still think danzo is madara...
    There are more people who have sharingan
    1.Hataka Kakashi.
    2.Uchiha Sasuka

    First, danzo wouldnt ask who became the new hokage if he already knows. =

    When tobi took off his/her mask to kisame, kisame said ohhhh MIZUKAGE.
    and now when we see mizukage =
    her left eye is covered with her hard on every page for OBVIOUS reason.
    She also has a playful personality close to like Tobi.

    Also as we already know...Sai's brother is the crazy one with swords in sasuke's team, and yes they will eventually meet and either fight or stop and agree to peace.

    Now the 5 kage meet will Be VERY INTERESTING..there will be all the sharingan users at the meet excluding kakashi unless raikage is at meeting and kakashi goes with naruto to see raikage.
    As DANZO=fire hokage and TOBI=water hokage will be there.

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    Although I don't think that Danzou=Madara, we can not say whether they are the same or not just because of things like looks or height/weight alone.
    In the Narutoverse people can change their appearance using Henge. (Tsunade, Naruto, Akamaru, and many more)
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