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    Quote Originally Posted by xenonova View Post
    tobi is shisui.
    Then why has he thrown away his right eye ?(Tobi has his own, but if he was Shisui, Danzou wouldn't had his right eye).

    It's more likely that at the time of 3 mizukage control, Tobi had shisui's eye or body.

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    I don't really know about it....Shisui was killed by Itachi...maybe. If tobi was really shisui then Itachi should have recognized him by the voice and behaviour when they plotted the massacre of the uchiha.

    Then again...we can only assume that Itachi killed Shisui as we never seen him dead...but I think that Itachi may have been fooled by the power of shisui's sharingan!

    Just listen up: Itachi faced shisui, but shisui used his powers to manipulate itchi into believing he killed him. But if tobi is shiusi it wouldn't make sense again...Shisui was on the uchiha's side, he would have no reason of helping itachi destroying the clan if he was trying to stop him before...all this matter is confusing >.<

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    Don't worry. When Itachi zombie finaly appears, we might finally see a flashback on how Itachi obtained MS, supposedly by killing his best friend Shisui.

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    lol, Itachi admits to ahve killed Shisu to obtain the Mangekyo, thres no doubt about it.

    For a while I too believed that Tobi might be Obito, but we know is madara know, tho, sometimes I think that maybe Obito lost his memory or something so that he believes that he is Madara Uchiaha. IKD, but it would be a funny twist, tho Madara is way more awesome so hope that it really is Madara(and believe that it is), I guess it's only a foolish boy's thoughts that bealieve it can be Obito

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    Tobi is NOT (I repeat NOT) Shisui, Because..... Tobi/Madara faced and fought Yondaime when Naruto was born and the Fox attacked, when Shisui and Itachi were both little boys.

    End of controversy.

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    I can't believe you guys are still debating this but Kish constantly reiterates that the next generation will be greater. Tobi is Madara because that would make the perfect villain that goes against that.

    Although I wonder why Madara/Tobi is still wearing a mask? Originally, he wore it as a visor to cover that one genjutsu but since he used it against Konan. Then he transplanted the Rinnegan, why still wear a mask?

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    ya no way tobi is shusui. but hes not madara either. i mean why the mask , i think hes just using the name for what it represents. isay its sasukes dad

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    Obito is not Tobi. Obito was killed with boulders smashing him.

    Tobi is Madara, and Madara isn't Obito.

    Do remember the time period when Obito existed. During Minato's time I believe. By then Madara is VERY old, and he did run away from the village. Obito acts nothing like Madara which makes me completely doubt if he is Madara.

    Oh try to think. Obito is not SAUSKE's DAD. He was killed, by Itachi, and Obito was killed with boulders.

    This completely proves that Obito is not Sauske's Dad.

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    long to short to long again to short again

    There are 2 people/bodies whose faces we have not seen.

    The Madara with short hair like Tobi

    Has his short hair when Sasuke is just a new born baby and Itatchi is still young and he currently has his short hair now

    When he fought the first he had long hair, then short hair when he fought the 4th, but then long hair again when he recruited Kisame and when Itachi first met him, and now short hair again.

    I think the 2 logical conclusions are
    1. It was simply a hair style change as he went from long hair, to short hair, to long hair, to short hair. (we saw hinata and neji and other genin change their hairstyles as they got older, but most likely their hairstyle will stay the same from hence forward. Also, we saw Jiraya's hair get progressively longer as he got older. Danzo did a hairstyle change from short when Hiruzen was about to become the 3rd, to long when he partnered with hanzo and fought Nagato, to short when he fought Sasuke).

    2. There are 2 people/bodies involved.

    I believe it is number 2, because we know there is something tricky to his body. He lost his arm while fighting Minato. He lost his arm while fighting the root Anbu Aburame. He lost his arm while fighting Konan. He was partially consumed by the Amaterasu implanted into Sasuke's eyes. This leads me to believe that we will eventually see what is the trick behind his body.

    I'm not saying there are 2 people involved, although I think there are. All I'm pointing out is that we have seen his hair go from long to short to long to short, so what could the reason be.......?

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    Winkieeshi, good catch!!! To be honest thats my first time noticing that. I have to agree with you, I believe if this is true that it will something along the lines of 2 bodies involved.

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