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    Naruto The power of the Rinnegan and the secrets of Nagato and the Sage of Six Paths

    My theory about pein and the rinnegan

    I think that when pein went into berserk mode he sort of gained some knowledge of the sage of six paths.

    But he can control the rinnegan now so he now has all the knowledge and jutsu that the sage had.

    Also I think jiriaya found this out.

    And the reason why he has six bodies is from a jutsu that the sage created and pein uses now.

    Basically the rinnegan gives the user the knowledge that the sage knew or any of the past users had that means if pein dies and another user is born they would gain the sage's and pein’s knowledge.

    And nagato is sort of like the reincarnation of the sage of six paths.

    Just think about it the strongest uchiha and the farther of ninjutsu working together it does make sense

    Also why did kishi draw the outline of the sage of six paths, maybe it’s because we will see the sage again.


    Rin'ne is the Japanese term for Samsara, the cycle of reincarnation or rebirth in several Indian religions.

    so the rinnegan should have something to do with reincarnation.

    According to such beliefs, a new personality is developed during each life in the physical world, but some part of the self remains constant throughout the successive lives,

    The consciousness arising in the new person is neither identical to, nor different from, the old consciousness, but forms part of a causal continuum or stream with it.

    One of the metaphors used to illustrate this is that of fire. For example, a flame is transferred from one candle to another, or a fire spreads from one field to another.


    as you can see beside the sage of six paths there are two candles, could these flames mean anything


    As I said before I think the user of the rinnegan gains the knowledge of the sage.

    And when nagato went into the berserk state he gain not all but a small amount of knowledge of the sage.


    Even jiraiya was surprised how he killed a chunin.

    Someone with no knowledge of taijutsu,chakra controll or experience with fighting defeats a chunin I don’t think so.



    the sage of (six) paths, pein has (six) body's don’t you think this is to much to be a coincidence, and that is why I believe it was a former jutsu that the sage created that allow him to spread his mind and rinnegan into other people.

    Another theory is that: pein is lying to jiraiya when he said he will use the biju to create a jutsu that can wipe out countries.

    I mean he has lied to akatsuki.


    this shows pein has lied before and to his own orginisation.

    So I think he will use the jutsu to revive the sage of six paths original body and madara's original body.

    also tobi said


    this shows there goals are the same.

    this might mean that he will get his orginal body back thus the sharingan true powers back also he said (are goals so he might mean you (pein) will get the sages body back

    also kishi showed us a outline of madara and now we know more about him and know he is alive

    so maybe we will soon know more about the sage and see his body again.
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