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    Fansub groups

    I haven't been keeping up with the One Piece anime ever since fillers and I notice now that Vegapunk has fallen behind a bit. I'm about to start watching from 337 (1st ep of filler bark) but Vegapunk only as up to 339. My question is how are the other groups? I'm referring to the "speed-sub" groups who are keeping up with the anime (namely instantz and animesoftsubs). Vegapunk has them trumped in quality cause the FHD is giving me orgasms, but how are the other group's video quality? translations? sound quality? etc.


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    vegapunk is slow but worth it
    instantz noobs is fast and updated to the raw but i dont like the quality and subtitle characters

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    I’ve only watched the Instantz version so I don’t know about animesoftsubs quality, but Instantz does a pretty good job. Of course if you’re used to the high quality version like VP you’d probably get disappointed with speed subs but overall, they’re not bad.

    The translation’s pretty accurate… as for video and sound quality, I watch it on the Instantz site via Veoh TV so -- I dunno… it’s not bad but it’s probably better to download it for nicer effects.

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