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    Nowadays, in the real world, there are pirates. Are there also ninjas somewhere?

    Pirates songs are really great

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    Pirates will be the winner!

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    Ah! Poll is closed, well .... I vote for pirates anyway, let's see shuriken top pistols.

    lol, but seriously.

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    Why is the poll closed?

    I vote ninjas comparing real-life history.

    Pirates, if I remember correctly, were almost like a navy for countries - a group of pirates from Country A would terrorize the waters of Country B to help out Country A. Even if that wasn't the case, pirates weren't that strong comparatively speaking. One pirate wasn't incredibly strong; it was a whole gang of pirates that caused trouble (and not just five or six pirates as a gang).

    Ninjas, on the other hand, carried out assassinations and infiltrations. A single ninja was very strong/skilled. They worked only under the cover of night and didn't even have to be physically strong because they could use poison to kill their enemies or just use simple moves like breaking a person's neck from behind.
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    Exactly what I was thinking... In an all-out war each have their own strenght.

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    Pirates. Cuz they are more likable lol.

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    ninja's of course would win, cause pirates have no jutsu!

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    None! Only A Super Ninja Flying Rainbow-Colored SCRATCH THAT monkeycould beat both a ninja and a pirate
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    naruto ninjas would own everyone.

    they gots the stamina and can dodge any "modern technology" with physics-ignoring moves...
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