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    Is Natsu 1st generation or 3rd generation DS?

    We all know natsu as a 1st generation DS but after consuming laxus lightning who was a 2nd generation DS i started thinking...he might have turned into a 3rd generation at that point considering that he kept the lightning and he is able to use it whenever he wants to but it drains his whole magic power can anyone tell me for sure..1st generation or 3rd generation

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    1st...there was no lacryma infused into him

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    yeah but basicaly the lightning dragon slayer magic can only be obtained from lacryma infusion soooo...there might be a chance ^_^

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    If anything, then he is a hybrid

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    Well, there is one more possibility, he is of the 0 Generation. Seeing as Zeref remembers Natsu from the past and Zeref was a legend long time ago, this could mean that Natsu was a DS even before what people called the 1st generation, thus his power would be different in that way, that he could utilize any element (since he was born to test the DS concept itself), thus he was like a prototype for the rest.

    Of course those are only speculations and most likely untrue, seeing as the age of the other 1st Generation DS's is as vague as Natsu's, it's even implied that they are easily older than Makarov.

    Anyway, IIRC, Dragon Lacrymas are extracted directly from the bodies of dead Dragons ( I think ), thus this would imply that the Dragons of the 2nd and 3rd Generation DSs are already dead.

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    Why do people like to make things more complicated than they are?

    Generation means something like a batch, so whatever Natsu does has little to do with it. It's more about when he got his DS magic, and that's was before the Dragons disappeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    Why do people like to make things more complicated than they are?

    Generation means something like a batch, so whatever Natsu does has little to do with it. It's more about when he got his DS magic, and that's was before the Dragons disappeared.
    While it is true that people are making things more complicated than they are (and outright fabricating things in some cases) you alone are correct in that generation does refer to something of a "batch" among dragon slayers. I don't recall the chapters as I don't keep up with manga as though it were important but you can check my findings on the wiki.

    First Generation - Dragonslayers who have killed dragons to obtain their power. While it is true that dragons train the first generation, a first generation dragonslayer doesn't live up to their namesake until they kill the dragon in question. On those lines it is doubtful if it is proper to call Natsu or Gazille dragonslayers as their dragons disappeared.

    Second Generation - Dragons disappeared many years ago and so too was their power until lachryma was discovered to be a suitable substitute. Dragon lachryma, when placed inside a human being gives them power equivalent to or greater than the first generation. Luxus was called a second generation dragon slayer and proved to be quite formidable. The power inherent in his genes and the lachryma made him a force that Natsu and Gazille couldn't beat 2-on-1. It is confirmed by Gazille that the victory he and Natsu gained over Luxus wasn't technically a victory. Gazille also refered to Luxus as a monster which speaks volumes of the power granted by lachryma.

    Third Generation - Allegedly a combination of 1st and 2nd generation dragonslayers along the following lines: a person who is trained by a dragon, later kills said dragon, and becomes further strengthened by lachryma. Sting and Rogue were allegedly of this type but recent chapters have thrown some doubt on whether or not they actually killed their dragons.

    On a side note, the power of Sting and Rogue is likely a combination of lachryma and etherion as they have shown they are able to use dragonforce.

    Now, for that "one" person who actually, somehow believes that Natsu is a 3rd generation DS ask yourself two very, very, exceedingly basic questions:

    1) Did Natsu kill Igneel?
    2) Was Natsu implanted with lacryma?

    The answer to both of these is no. In order for Natsu to be a 3rd generation DS, the answer to these two questions must be yes. The answer is not yes. Does this explanation bear repeating?
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    yeah just said that natsu and gajeel well even wendy...arent dragonslayers..your research isnt fact its as wrong as it gets you think that the name is called a dragon slayer and by that it has to mean that the person wielding that power killed a are very wrong
    its called dragonslayer because its meant to have the power of a dragon plus natsu gajeel and wendy wouldnt kill their dragons no matter what get your facts straight

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    Agreed with Creatorian. Not sure which Wiki you got your info from Zero, but a Dragon Slayer doesn't have to kill a Dragon to be called a Dragon Slayer, in the same way neither of the God Slayers shown have killed a God. What I do agree with, is the part about the Lacryma allowing the 3rd gens to utilise DragonForce (not the etherion part though, as shown through Gerard when he had his memories lost, eating any strong magic would allow one to reach DragonForce). The thing that futher aids this is that Minerva said herself, that this is the true power of a 3rd gen DragonSlayer, that is DragonForce.

    But to the topic question, the answer is No. Natsu also ate GodSlayer flames, and used those, however, because it wasn't a DS type magic, it couldn't be reproduced inside of him. All DragonSlayers, and even GodSlayers seem to be able to eat magic, just that if it's not to their element, the result is incredible pain. Neither Gajeel nor Wendy have been shown to (to be dumb enough to) eat another element, so we can't conclude that Natsu is any different to them.

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    ^ what chaos said

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