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@Paul, simple answer.

It was just explained last chapter. Only certain parts of Tobi phase. When he got hit by the Rasengan it was part of his face and his shoulder that phased. Everything else was still material.

Flashback to Obito looking up and seeing a boulder falling torward his face:

(Hypothetically) Lets say his Right eye (Tobi's jutsu) kicks in. For all intents & purposes, Obito doesnt know whats going on. All he knows is that part of him now exist in a place of absolute darkness. It would be safe to assume youre dead/about to die. Thinking this he gives his other eye to his friend. Rin would detect nothing on his right side, which might be more traumatizing than sensing blood and guts.

If strong enough, love is alway all the reason a human need to do something, no matter if it is heroic or horrific.

Zetsu finds him and fixes him, e.g., plant parts. His Tobi jutsu eye still exist because it was in another dimension. Zetsu directs Obito to Uchiha tablets and some old Madara scrolls and letters. Zetsu encourages Obito to adopt Madara's crusade citing similarities between the two Uchiha. Obito, being in an emotional state somewhere between Pein and Naruto, leans more to the darkside. Thus, we end up with Darthvader....I mean Anikin Skywalk...uhhhh....Evil Obito.
Then this would mean he took the damage from his own jutsu (he was spitting a lot of blood from his mouth), which shouldn't be too strange, considering that at that time he had a chunin level chakra pool and freshly reawakened sharingan, perhaps he even misplaced some parts of his body at time, which would explain the need for Zetsu part as well... or just his arms were crushed and cells within them died (blood stopped flowing in them because from the pressure from rocks), thus had to be cut off and replaced.

It's not like Obito had no reason to join Madara. If you look at Anakin's example, then their cases were similar, the only difference is that Anakin joined the dark side, before everything happened, to prevent it (yeah, nice going there), while Obito joined after everything went downhill.

If strong enough, love is all the reason humans ever needed, no matter if it is heroic, or horrific.