Chapter 600 is just around the corner, and many questions will be answered in cluding the identity of Tobi.

Lets Go along with the Tobi = Obito idea, and assume it to be true.:-

Would someone who believes this to be so, and who has a strong understanding of the Manga, Please fill in the blanks as to the most probable essential facts and details that transpired Between the Rock Fall that appeared to take the life of Obito, and the Tobi-Kyuubi Invasion of Konoha, some 2-4 years later.

Just What happened to Obito to have transformed him form a severely injured kid on the verge of death, who was a slacker of a ninja at best, to an extremely highly skilled, and probably the most dangerous foe overall, that Konoha has ever faced.

Assuming Tobi is Obito, then How? The person who can show the most insight and guess the most correct meaning to Tobi =Obito before chapter 600 comes out, also gets recognition and bragging rights..