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    Honey x Honey Drops Discussion thread

    Anyone else a fan of Honey x Honey Drops // Mitsu x Mitsu Drops?

    I think this series is so awesome. It is smutty Shoujo, but kyaa Kai = Awesome-sauce... I love how the schools policy and I wish I could be Kai's honey.. I'd gladly call him 'Master' >3

    Like Mayu Shinjo-sensei, Minami Kanan-sensei is awesome with smutty manga.. It is just so awesome.

    The Synopsis is: Hagino Yuzuru is a normal highschool student attending Houjou academy. There is a special coursewithin the school called the Kuge course for the rich. Only studentswith a flower name within their name can enroll in the program. Thereis a "Honey system" where the special student chooses a normal studentas his "honey." This relationship is like a master and honey. In returnfor being a "honey" the master pays all of the "honey's" tuition andmust obey all commands. Hagino Yuzuru gets involved with Renge Kai, oneof the special students, and it could be a big mistake for Yuzuru.

    I love this manga <3

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    where can i read this manga? i cant seem to find it = =

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    I love Honey x Honey Drops!!!! Its such a great manga...actually I love almost everything Kanan-sensei creates. (Shinjo-sensei is awesome as well)

    Kai is just hotness! I saw the OVA as well, though not as great as the manga, but Suzumura Kenichi (one of my favorite seiyuu) did an awesome job as Kai.

    I wished I was Kai's Honey!!

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