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    I honestly thought sting and rogue were making up stories about killing dragons, but they see to geninunely believe it.

    I cant wait to find out why.

    I love natsu so its great we will see him go 2 on 1 but I really want to see what else Gajeel has as well. >.<

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    It really comes as no surprise though, I mean Dragon Force is something Natsu achieved twice before time skip. If he was still at the level where he could be beating by something like that, then he hasn't improved at all.

    But what I admire most is Mashima's work. He gives us what we want, instead of what we expect. Heck, I'd even place him above Oda in that while Oda is very detailed, and OP is a masterpiece, he fails to connect with the audience the way Mashima does with FT. I mean put it this way, Mashima knows there's going to be an epic fight, but because of all the action, there'll be little progress (think Bleach), he gives us double the pages to make up for it. That is what the audience wants, and Mashima respects that. As such, he is the one who's ranked 1 in my book of mangakas.

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    ^ I was pretty sure that he did that to promote the new movie ;P

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    When will the new movie come out?

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    does anyone here know correct spoilers and not just guessings? ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flare Blitz View Post
    Lol, nice chapter.
    Very nice to know that when Natsu beat the crap out of Gerard, he was actiually using dragon force instead of a dumb out-of-the blue power-up.
    Even the chapter was called Dragon force... x.x
    & Erza thinking: "so this is natsu's true power..." confirms it was all planned out.
    At the time we couldn't have known, but this is kind of an epic play of mashima.
    What are you talking could you not have known that Natsu was using dragonforce right there when it was clearly stated that he was using dragonforce...smfh

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    Pretty good chapter.

    It shows how much power the guild has that made it number 1.

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    Wow. I have to say I will never wear a Sabertooth set again. These last three chapters have been just embarassing. Just on a level I can't even stomach. It's nice to see what whatever training the gang did actually paid off though. It's often times in shonen we see characters train for months to a year (DBZ, One Piece, Hitman) and really don't amount to anything other than being able to "survive" their battle with the big bad and eventually overcome via plotkai. But this has just been a full-blown ass-whooping delivered by Fairy Tail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Chaos View Post
    What are you talking could you not have known that Natsu was using dragonforce right there when it was clearly stated that he was using dragonforce...smfh
    I didn't really pay that much attention at the time when I was reading through that chapter, so I forgot about the whole dragon-force affair after a while. + when I read throught the FT-threads over the years I read about ppl complaining about Natsu getting random power-ups and getting annoyed by it; & that's pretty much the only thing that got stuck in my mind.

    So after reading this chapter and rereading older chapters, this DF-thing did come to me as a rather nice "surprise".
    Yeah I posted about it a bit too eagerly and realised it was a pretty dumb post.
    I considered removing it, but in the end I couldn't be bothered + I figured I might not be the only one who forgot about the whole Dragon-force chabang. Everyone can have a moment of retardedness, so yah, this was mine and i'll admit that

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