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    Index: Fairy Tail ~ Hiro Mashima

    Author: Hiro Mashima
    Serialized in: Weekly Shonen Magazine, 5 volumes released, 47 chapters.
    Story: Welcome to a world filled with magic spells, flying cats, and exhibitionist ice mages! We travel to the land of Fiore, where we stumble upon Fairy Tail; a mage guild with the most outrageous and interesting people you can find. This particular tale begins with a very atypical "boy meets girl". A young lass named Lucy -aspiring to be a member of said guild- and Natsu -a flame mage looking for his foster parent Igneel (who turns out to be a Dragon!)- bump heads in the port town of Harujion...
    Yeah, it might seem a lot like One Piece; but please don't compare the two too much. It'll suck all the fun you can experience out of it.
    Definitely the best new shounen manga I've personally read in years. A lot better than RAVE too, mind you. It's still somewhat in the developing stages, but expect it to burst loose any moment now. I'm all for a slow approach at first, so you don't run out of steam after 20-ish volumes. Cause, well, it's incredibly obvious this won't just be random missions forever (though even those have been more fun than they're supposed to be).

    Downloads available at KEFI and here.
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