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Thread: moons eye bluff

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    moons eye bluff

    Madara started the moons eye plan and tobi carries it out. That's the summary of it, simply put, based on where we are in the manga. Well with tobi emotionally beginning to chink and crack before the presence of kakashi and also his direct revelations of his own feelings and vantage, tobi does not fit the profile of any sort of mastermind villian but instead more suitable an exploited pawn who at some point in life became desperate for answers.

    Madara being the supposed author of the moon's eye plan, well, the plan is a bluff plain and simple. His entire display of person and power was at times meant to intimidate and demoralize. He was being most of the time, a classic bully. That sort of person had ZERO need and NO FULFILLMENT TO GAIN by putting the world in an endless ILLUSION! his ego is such that he appreciates HONEST and EARNED fear for being far ahead and better. Moreso, there is absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER to return from the dead merely to cast tsukiyomi on the world. TOBI attaches a sense of justice to the reasons behind needing the moon's eye plan, It was twisted justice but it was still a sense if justice nonetheless. ZMADARA IS INCOMPATIBLE and IN NO NEED to make that sort of justice a reality or illusioN ESPECIALLY IF ALREADY DEAD.

    Madara simply wants ultimate power and wielding ultimate power in frightful reality is how madara and his archetype work. The moon's eye plan, however, is a genius and practical manipulation to get people like pein and tobi to do all the work for you! Pein and now tobi, we learn through their limelight speeches in front of their main opponents, were motivated to bring about the exact same sense of justice to the world and both believed they were the harbingers of that justice. What they were conveniently doing, though, was amassing and gathered EVERYTHING madara,needs for ultimate power while he was in the grave. The justice attached to the moon's eye plan is a bluff, madara says to the kages the world is better off in infinite tsukiyomi as a point of derision towards the justice in both the ways the kage's and heroes percieve it and also how his pawns, pein and tobi see it. Kishi knows his technicality potential in each scenario and how to twist statements into ambiguous or duality trumped mysteries. Madara does not desire infinite tsukiyomi but he can tell the kages, without lying, that the world IS INDEED better off in infinite tsukiyomi compared to how the kages envision the world. Once madara has the juubi he will be a grand terrorist and NOT a grand hypnotist poised upon the moon.
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    What you say is interesting. If Madara's goal is indeed only just ultimate power, and no justice then I assume Itachi's version about madara forcefully stealing his brother eyes for fame and power would be true. If that were true then Izuna didn't entrust anything on his own will, and then Tobi's arguments don't apply to him, but are more likely to fit Obito's story

    Lol sorry i just had to make this ppl are gonna hete me even more for trying to fit the obito theory in everything i get the chance to

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