Famous now is "that brat, nagato.." making us believe madara survived generations beyond his natural lifespan. We learned he didn't die in VOTE so we assume he must have lived on to meet nagato and the rest is history, right? Right?

Well not quite, its strange when you think about it. Why did he need to die in the first place if he supposedly already achieved the ability to live two more generations at least? We know he took hashirama's power, we know he awoke rinnegan. We assume he needed hashirama 's power to not only awaken rinnegan but to also counteract its extreme physical and chakra demand. We assume he got that far, maybe not quite like how he was revived by kabuto but he must have learned how to harness the life generating ability of hashirama right?

With what we know and by also what we assume about hashirama's power and rinnegan, it makes no sense at all that if madara was kicking it in style far into a future he did not belong, that he would then die for any reason at all!

He supposedly got the end all be all situation going for him! Why die? Someone must have killed him because any rinnegan technique that would end his life was free of such cost with his joined bloodline power. Does senju juice run out after 30 or 40 years? Did he activate his rinnegan only after experiencing "immortality" for such a long time beforehand?

See how it doesn't add up for me? Senju juice must be exhaustible after a certain point since hashirama himself was not exempt of old age and death.