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    Just as i planned. No true winner. Just as i expected from an Uchiha fight. First they fought in imagination land, then they showed off some mediocre moves, then they did moves that hurt themselves more than the opponent. In the end, neither itachi won, nor Sasuke. But in my eyes, i think Itachi kinda did better. Sasukes training and stuff all still didnt defeat itachi. He still had Susano, while Sasuke was out of moves. So Itachi basically did better but failed since he hurt himself more than he hurt sasuke.

    Originally posted by Howdy
    Do you idiots honestly think that Kishimoto will waste our time showing us a crippled Nagato lying in a hospital bed that Naruto can defeat just by switching off his life support machine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy View Post
    First they fought in imagination land, then they showed off some mediocre moves, then they did moves that hurt themselves more than the opponent.
    this was indeed a very unsatisfying n disappointing ending to the long awaited uchiha fight
    to the death im very angry at kishi for this
    but in the end itachi wud have been a clear victor no way sasuke wud have beaten susanoo if itachi wasnt so weakened and blinded from excessive use of MS

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    Wow. If itachi didnt get so exhausted from the MS, he would have taken sasuke's eyes. that Susano is pretty kick a$$ if it can block all attacks and have a sword that will put anyone into a eternal genjutus. But if sasukes weakened, itachi effectively down for the count, and another white snake escaped from sasukes body...... does this mean that Oro is going to jack sasukes body and be dominate?

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    Oh god what if oro takes the passed out itachi's body? He'll finally have MS but he'd be practically blind...
    I can see orochimaru in itachi's body now, licking his fingers and rubbing his nipples *shudder*

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    Well, in any case, no surprise Sasuke won. What is surprising is that there was no WTF win by sasuke that demolished itachi and made Sasuke look l33t. Pretty much what had happened with Deidara.

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    Wow...I actually gotta say, artistically speaking, in terms of story telling and irony, the way itachi fell was cool as hell. It was a throw back to the good times of big brother itachi and little bro sasuke going out and practicing shuriken or something. The little joking teasing tap on the forehead and the flinching sasuke looking surprised. I gotta say, no matter how much hate you could have for someone, something that nostalgic would have to bring out some sort of positive emotion in you.

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    I'd would have to say that the end of their battle was pretty good, that tap on the forehead will become a memorable moment.

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    i have to say that sucked, all the build up, all those chapters, wasted, so waht was the point, sauske lives, itachi lives, worthless, might as well have not written those

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    Kishi just needed a way for Sasuke to come out alive
    I agree with some of you that say Sasuke will spare Itachi, we havnt seen sasuke kill anyone yet, i don't think? Deidara went kamikaze, oro didnt die, he spared naruto so unless someone can tell me he's killed someone, I believe:
    1. He's to wussy to kill or,
    2: he wanted itachi as his first ever kill, which is stupid and probably not gona happen

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