So I'm making this thread out of boredom. I started thinking about some naruto movies and I came up with something, so I'll share it with you: I hope you manage to read till the end and enjoy

So, the plot is set mainly in the pre-war period,after Tobi announced the war, when all nations are preparing for the upcoming battle, gathering soldiers, estabilishing strategies and such.

In the past, soon after the foundation of Konoha, the uchiha and the senju started living together. There was a senju girl, one of the purest bloodline that fell in love with an uchiha of the top ranks. They married and had two children: a boy and a girl.
The girl was born with all the traits of the uchiha clan: black hair, black eyes and strong doujutsu. The boy tho' was different: he was born with two different eyes and blonde hair. The two grew together, graduated together and awakened sharingan together. But in the boy's case he awakened sharingan only in his right eye, the other one being a normal, non uchiha eye. They were happy, especially the girl, Koto. She was happy about the alliance with senju. Her mother told her about the previous wars and how senseless they were, and taught her to appreciate peaceful life that came thanks to the founding of Konoha. In result, Koto loved the village more than anyone.
But this is where good things end. One day, the two are training together. They fight to improve their skills, but by an unfortunate accident, the brother, Kaen, kills his sister. He holds her in his hands while everyone watches in horror. The sorrow and the pain awaken Kaen's Mangekyou Sharingan. The boy losos control of his new power and giant claws of chakra erupt from the ground, grabbing and squishing everybody around. The anbu arrives soon enough and they seal him. Afterwards they put him in prison, where he comes back to his senses and realizes what happened. The witnesses, those who survived, tell Hashirama what exactly happened, that it was an accident and he couldn't get a hold of his powers. The 1st hokage then frees Kaen from prison and lets him go back to his previous life. Of course nothing is like the old times anymore: Koto is dead and the worst thing is that HE killed her. The villangers behavior towards him changes a lot. They start whispering behind his back: the senju say it must be the uchiha deminic blood that transformed him into a monster. The elders put anbu members that will keep watch on him night and day. His life becomes that of an emarginated young man who everyone is afaraid of. They suspect him and despise him for being half uchiha.
One fateful night, he's visited by none other than Madara Uchiha. Madara tells Kaen about the prejudices of the senju against the uchiha, and how Hashirama and Tobirama try to turn them into the village's dogs. He teaches him that the only way to cleanse his name and live a satisfying life is to kill off the senju.
Kaen isn't convinced at first, but when the elders try to accuse him falsely of another murder he has enough of it and meets Madara again. The uchiha leader explains him the power of his mangekyo: once upon a time there is born an uchiha with the power to control demons of hades: Tengu. The chakra hands he summoned belonged to underground demons. If kaen had more experience he could have summoned the whole thing. Then Madara proceeds at telling kaen a way to obtain unextinguishable mangekyou sharingan. He transplants his sister's right eye in his own, so he achieves EMS in his only sharingan. He then trains under madara for some time.
In the end they're ready: Kaen and Madara try to make a coup d'etat. They attack konoha together: Kaen's power is so huge that he slaughters most of the shinobi who attampt to stop him, while Madara goes to battle Hashirama himself. Kaen encounters Tobirama and has an immense fight with him, but he loses to the 2nd's powerful space-time ninjutsu. Tobirama teleports him in another dimension and the Tengu's summoning fails. In the meantime Madara is "killed" by Hashirama. Everything seems to be good again.

The intro ends and the real story begins:

Kaen sits in a void dark dimension when a swirling pattern appears before him. Tobi has come to let him join the war. He says he'll get to have his revenge against the senju.
Kaen agrees to that and comes to the real world with him., but he doesen't act accordingly to the plan. In reality he doesen't care about the moon eye plan, but he only wants revenge on the senju. He isn't intimidated by neither tobi or kabuto: his EMS is still intact + the fact he's half senji which grants him hax chakra. He tells Tobi that youngsters shouldn't lecture adults, and then he departs to destroy konoha. Tobi and kabuto decie it's ok to let him do as he pleases, as long as he won't be a threat to the moon eye's plan.
Meanwhile, in konoha there is a meeting of all the kage do decide the war plans. Naruto and bee have just beaten kisame and are on the island. Everything is peaceful enough until Kaen gets to konoha. He starts rampaging on innocent inhabitants with his EMS. The kages immediatly notice this and send the best ninja to ckeck on the situation. Kakashi, Gai, Shizune, Sakura, Genma, Ao, chojiro, and other kage bodyguards go to check the situation. They meet Kaen, still young enough thanks to his strong senju chakra. The battle starts, but nobody is able to defeat kaen: his mastery of EMS and other jutsu are far superior to that of anybody else. He then summons the demon hands, that are good enough to keep his enemies at bay, while he doesen't have to move a finger. Afterwards he summons several bird like tengu, which are smaller than gedo mazou. This is where the kage have to kick in. There is even a request to bring Naruto and Bee on the battlefield.
The kages are busy fighting the tengu, and Kaen climbs on the highest building in konoha.
Thanks to some great techniques, the tengu retreat, but then Kaen draws all te attention on himself: he claims that nobody can beat a man who possesses both senju and uchiha powers: he then uses wood release:Jukai Koutan which puts the kage in trouble.
Kaen then uses another wood element tchnique: wood release: demonic wood cocoon. He creates a cocoon made of trees, in the middle of konoha. He reveals that he wants to gather enough chakra in the cocoon in order to summon Sojobou, the king of all tengu, so no only will he destroy konoha, but the entire planet, so nothing will remain anymore.
the kages want then to destroy the cocoon, but Kaen uses the Uchiha Kaenjin justu to create a barrier around it.
Naruto and Bee arrive on the battle field and start battling kaen. they can't do anything serious against his power, which is closer to that of the SO6P than anyone else's. The sage himself sealed the Sojobou under Konoha's ground centuries ago, and now he will unseal it.
The kage decide to give their best to destroy the barrier and let naruto destroy the cocoon.
The hokage accumulates all her chakra in a fist using her yin seal
The raikage creates a giant sword on thunder
The mizukage summons a huge lava creature
The kazekage creates a sand golem
Thetsuchikage uses a huge version of jinton.

Naruto prepares a big rasenshuriken using sage mode. They lauch all their attacks in the same time against kaen, but he mocks them. He says they underestimate the power of his eye, gifted with the uchiha blood and senju chakra. He turns it into a rinnegan and uses shinra tensei, repulsing all their attacks against them and making everyone collapse.
In the meantime, sojobou awakens, but kaen is out of chakra after all the things he has done. He collects all of sojobou's chakra in an ancient relict dagger, created by the SO6P to seal demons. Then he escapes konoha in order to restore his power.
Tobi and Kabuto however decide to eliminate him while he's weak, because he's got too powerful for their liking. They surprise him at his lair, but Kaen pulls another trick uot uf his sleeve and stabs himself with the dagger embeed with sojobou's charka. Like this he restores his chakra quick enough, but his body has difficulties at handling this much chakra. He engages Tobi. The masked man isn't quick enough to absorb him and kaen can't touch Tobi, so their battle is practically equal. Then kabuto butts in and summons Itachi, Nagato and Hanzou and takes complete control over them.
Kaen has to battle sharingan and rinnegan at the same time, so he summons full Sojobou. He smashes nagato into a rock, but before that nagato manages to absorb some chakra and un-cripples himself. Itachi tries some fire jutsu, but all's in vain. So he tries amaterasu, but the cloak of sojobou is made of black flame itself so it's useless. Then Nagato comes back and attempts to shinra tensei sojobou, but he's too massive and the shinra tensei in repelled back on Nagato who flies away again. Then Tobi tries to absorb Sojobou, but he manages to teleport only a small bit of his cloak. He would be long dead if he hadn't his phasing ability.
Hanzou then summons his salamander and covers sojobou in poison, but the demon cuts trough the violet cloud with his huge dagger. Tobi summons gedo mazou and the statue manages to hold back sojobou for a while until he slices its chest and beates him in the ground. The gedo disappears and itachi uses susanoo. He attempts to use the sword of totsuka on sojobo, but kaen undoes him in the form of his relict dagger, so itachi misses. Nagato uses chibaku tensei and manages to lock kaen in the huge sphere. But not for long. Kaen slices it with the dagger embeed with sojobo's chakra (its attacks look like black getsuga tensho) and gets free. Rocks fly in the air everywhere and je jumps from one to another. He takes chance of the fact nagato and itachi lost sight of him and he uses a kinjutsu names "heavenly spear" on them. he pierces them with rods of light, sticking them into the ground. the sticks erupt with red light until they reach the heaven, looking like pillars that join earth and the heavens. Nagato and itachi can't move. Hanzou is the only one left. Kaen battles him at close range and puts a seal on his shoulder.
Then he lets himself be absorbed by Tobi, who appears from nowhere, but right before being absorbed he uses the substitution justu with hanzou. So hanzou is gone too.
Kaen then says he's tired of games and now he'll put an end to tobi, cuz he tired him. He uses his demon powers to draw tobi into a corner and manages to stop him with the heavenly spear kinjustu. He proceeds by attempting to remove his mask. In that moment Kabuto summons edo-madara. Kaen is takes aback by the sight of his old mentor. Madara bribes Kaen with mind tricks: he promises he will return the life to his sister if he stops his deatruction plan. To their surprise, Kabuto was already prepared for a scenario like this: time ago, orochimaru took a sample of Koto's dna do analize the effects of merging of uchiha and senju genes. Kabuto uses edo tensei and brings Koto back. As soon as he sees his sister he loses all concentration: he hugs her and says how they will be able to live together again happily, after he wipes out all senju and konoha. Koto though is not happy at all with him. She says he is doing exactly everything to destroy her dream of a world where wars could be stopped. She says him that it isn't the prejudices fault if the senju feared him, but the innate fear of the human race. If little circumstences were different, it could have been the uchiha who feared him instead.
Madara approaches Kaen from behind , places a hand on his back and seals all his movements with a huge kinjutsu. Kabuto undoes Koo's edo tensei and she crumbles before her brother's eyes. Kaen asks madara if what she said were true. Madara replies that it was in fact true. Not only the senju feared hum, but even the uchiha: even he, Madara himself feared his powers, that's why he used him to accomplish his plans, only to kill him later on. He states that his sharingan is too dangerous for anyone to use and he takes it out of kaes' socket and squishes it. kabuto undoes Madara's edo and takes the dagger where sojobou is sealed. Like this, he himself will have enough power to destroy konoha and everyone, so the war won't even be needed.
Tobi, strfangely enough lets him do as he pleases. Setsu is surprised, but Tobi says that without Kaen's sharingan it's impossible to control sojobou, so kabuto will end up killed and sojobou will wear off with time. Like this they could get rid of both kabuto and the kages. he then stabs kean with a big sword and leaves him there on the verge of death, so it seems.

Kabuto of course doesen't notice anything, and goes to konoha where everyone is being healed. Kabuto unleashes the demon upon the village, but it does rebel against his will so kabuto has to flee. Sojobou starts destroying konoha. Everyone battles him: kakashi with raikiri and kamui, Gai with the afternoon tiger, naruto and sakura make combos together: the rasenshurikens and sakura's huge power. They manage to weaken sojobou a little bit, but it's still in vain. Bee goes 8 tails and tries to beat him with a biju dama. It almost seems like everyone went ok, but sojobou is way too powerful.
When everything seems lost, somebody uses wood release and binds sojobou with trees and roots: it's kaen, who isn't dead yet. he decided to use his last bits of power to protect konoha, like his sister wished. He says only a senju's power can contain uchiha based techniques like sojobou. He engulfs him in trees, going at the very limit of his stamina and starts sucking away his chakra. Sojobou becomes a lot littler than he was, while all of his chakra is contaned in the roots of the trees.
Kaen decides to give this chakra to naruto, to fuel a mega ultra hyper rasenshuriken, powerful enough to destroy sojobou. The plan works:
sojobou is destroyed, naruto wins (again), kaen dies after his last words about konoha, the world, hope, his sister and such. EVerything is back to normal: naruto and bee return on the giant turtle and the kages can start planning for the war again.
Tobi and zestu are disappointed to see kabuto's alive, but they have to keep fighting alongside him. Everything ends just like it started: the war is about to come.

Thank you for reading everything. tell me what you think of it and what you would change if you were me. Remember this is jsut a fanfic, made for fun, so no insulting please