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There is one game I regret buying the most. Final Fantasy XII. I waited ever since X for a proper FF game which is why XII was so disappointing.

It had a bland story, awful voice acting (" I'm Captain Basch fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca!"), annoying characters (except for Balthier) and a MMO-wannabe battle system. I'm just hoping XIII salvages what respect I have left for the Final Fantasy franchise.
I must say, altough I'm a FF-fan I was dissapointed in FF-XII.
The fact that I only played it once and all the other FF games at least twice, proofs, that the quality dropped since FF-X.

And I completly agree with the bolded part in the qoute. In fact FF-XIII was the sole reason I decided to get an PS3 instead of the 360.