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bioshock?!?!?!? If you think bioshock is a bad game then something is wrong. Its one of the best FPS ever made. It's even looks even better on PC (thats if you have a good computer) It was more to it than just shooting and killing shit. It had a authentic, unique story. The worst game I've ever played has to be Superman 64. I didn't buy it but i rented it and I was like wtf. They game felt like it was only 20% done. It was way too hard also, and that made the game even worse.
And I have to disagree with you.. I didn't like Bioshock either. Yeah, good graphics and all of that, but for me the game was... A platform game (or whatever it's called) - It's not feeling like an open game, and the gameplay got repetitive after a while.

That's my opinion