A foaming raccoon came my way and bit my todger off, so he got bananas when a gundam flew down and shot whipcream at private parts, resulting in the illusion of a narutard taking a piss on an electric cable that has no insulation so it didn't matter that when they wear strange looking underpants that they received from old Yama an end to the world in three days could be possible but it can be averted by Robot sasuke uchiha who licks naruto's dirty ninja balls.

As nightfall nears, the eerie sounds begin to croon a song of unimaginable bad taste that is called dream of mirrors. Now I have this bloody itch from long sentences. So then I will have a cup of hot chocolate milk with yummy round marshmellows that smells like sweet sugary goodness sitting on apples which end up being sold later.

Suddenly a couple of fags walked up to Di3 and they killed all competing males that love supernatural and jumped Di3's cat called Princess Pixie as easily as Bob. They buried the box of gold with the sheriff and my didnity suddenly became very happy since there was no more fags trying to use the sisteray to change Di3 into a golden dildo that has been used by Nikki Plessen.

The cows have decided that there is absolutely no way they are making a deal with the devil to get free grass like ground, and so they joined the mighty boosh.

The heads of many fallen youkai lay on the tips of sharp spears that I personally crafted with the bones of vicious beasts while the corpses were still alive and they raped fxu. In the aftermath Archiel decided that he wanted more heat. Now Australia is leading the Heatwave Revolution and beach goers enjoy watching mel without her bf because some guys wanted to be whipped while Mel wore a leather bikini. This, however, was against the law so the government sent agents to confiscate the bikini.

May the 16th, a day that became historical when redsquirrel tried to lick chocolate off someone's naked body; someone called mel.