A foaming raccoon came my way and bit my todger off, so he got bananas when a gundam flew down and shot whipcream at private parts, resulting in the illusion of a narutard taking a piss on an electric cable that has no insulation so it didn't matter that when they wear strange looking underpants that they received from old Yama an end to the world in three days could be possible but it can be averted by Robot sasuke uchiha who licks naruto's dirty ninja balls.

As nightfall nears, the eerie sounds begin to croon a song of unimaginable bad taste that is called dream of mirrors. Now I have this bloody itch from long sentences. So then I will have a cup of hot chocolate milk with yummy round marshmellows that smells like sweet sugary goodness sitting on apples which end up being sold later.

Suddenly a couple of fags walked up to Di3 and they killed all competing males that love supernatural and jumped Di3's cat called Princess Pixie as easily as Bob. They buried the box of gold with the sheriff and my didnity suddenly became very happy since there was no more fags trying to use the sisteray to change Di3 into a golden dildo that has been used by Nikki Plessen.

The cows have decided that there is absolutely no way they are making a deal with the devil to get free grass like ground, and so they joined the mighty boosh.

The heads of many fallen youkai lay on the tips of sharp spears that I personally crafted with the bones of vicious beasts while the corpses were still alive and they raped fxu. In the aftermath Archiel decided that he wanted more heat. Now Australia is leading the Heatwave Revolution and beach goers enjoy watching mel without her bf because some guys wanted to be whipped while Mel wore a leather bikini. This, however, was against the law so the government sent agents to confiscate the bikini.

May the 16th, a day that became historical when redsquirrel tried to lick chocolate off someone's naked body; someone called mel. Unfortunately, she grabbed his balls when she felt tentacles from zalyn wrap around her smooth sexy leg. Now, without releasing him she carefully felt a large bulge in redsquirrel's pants which seemed like it was about time to start growing and hardening, so she thought, 'Why not'. She started to descend into the pleasure of hot pants while trying to juggle zalyn and ninjastik behind her did unspeakable things. While they were hitting each other redsquirrel said to "Quiet down , we're enjoying each other."

Woofcat suddenly began to feel jealous because he cheated on the latest Sexual Ability exam and decided to practice on redsquirrel for the next test, unfortunately he found out that redsqirrel turned straight. Gin0va trout turned friendly towards Woofcat and tried sticking its flippers into Woofcat's arse, but he pleaded, "Please, take off the condom, it's unnecessary to have protection when having fun, just relax and "come" over here because over there you can't enjoy the wonderful feeling of pleasure and slapping.

Now Asce has gone insane and deleted all posts by redsquirrel and also all of the posts of the Boredom because he thought they were pointless. All boredom posters have buttsex with the well known user that's named Di3 and his lil' gang of ill-mannered mousetraps who are very repulsive and emo, but I decided to skip the sex party, because virgin's were looking like banana's. After that I decided to eat three year old apples that a crooked man had taken from a child's toy closet to pay off his debts.

Now the tubular bells seem to be the only sound keeping me awake. Then Redsquirrel decided to hack mangashare and change all members avatars into perverted pics of Trinny's and Arhazivory's dogs showing their private performance while joining in riverdance in china.

But in Japan, there are numerous reports of objects being used for a questionable purpose, relating to the insanely huge red ass of Oprah; even though it'll be a slow news day due to pensioners rioting in the upstairs bathroom of the pension home. Now there is no hope for a rotten pineapple that was attacked by the russian who was drinking wodka. The problem is woofcat already killed his liver, which was ironic because he hadn't even drunken the eighteen bottles of his special rum, which he thought he had left in the back of his umbrella...

...But his umbrella, blew off into a group of prostitutes, who were completely entranced by the sudden appearance of Mr.T & Misses.T with Jr.T who wore large golden jewelry on his Jr.T chest. The umbrella hit Misses.T who proceeded by licking some random kid's lollipop while staring at dogs having sex that were stuck to a pole. This shocked Woofcat so he fell out of his helicopter and he died instantly. Now in tokyo japan Kishimoto sits and gives sasuke more bloody screen time, now he has screaming fangirls to ward off while furiously beating his head against the no longer clean prostitutes with umbrellas, who were still rather entranced, but not. The result wasn't clear because, gdupninja jumped out n got kicked by an old horny man who began humping the umbrella. Due to emo's crying about the most selfish guy that is currently in space thinking about the last time he made another emo stop listening to his own voice.

In India someone stole redsquirrel's only potato forcing himself to fall off his diet routine that features a Big Mac with chocolate grasshoppers. When suddenly he became engulfed by the flaming gay parade. He grabbed something only to realize it was a gay man's very gross n hairy ass crack, then he beat it with his yellow banana which he had grown himself on his greek pig farm that was in the southern hills of the northern hemisphere. Hours later he ate a massive piece of squirrel marinated in a tub of soap that he just recently poured from the inside of a chimney which was occupied by santa, when he was trying to make a getaway from the cops.

So a thousand crazed t-virus zombies began to scratch off all the anti-redsquirrel graffiti because they were in love with lazybum graffitis instead. To reward the medium-class humans, lazybum gives all cute yummy cookies that were laced with potassium dichromate. The medium-class humans then got all messed up from the poisoned cookies because they were really allergic to the magic in the brownies they imagined. However, the brownies were also alive and horny, and started raping Draciel because they weren't satisfied with naked pictures of Britney Spears on the back side of a cow!

The new trend has made so many young people go hungry for chocolate covered ants and jelly coated kittens. Although this trend has also become very weird since the person likes to touch the body parts of little boys. The FBI is trying desperately to contact the man who owned many giant rubber fists who started this awful meeting. Then, using a large kitten they plan on taking over a yarn factory to make little kittens regret buying old soap with a coupon that came out in Mouse Weekly, also known as 'the super, fantastic which makes all the kittens go "Staying alive, staying alive! Aah, AAAAAAAHH!!!!!"

Suddenly John Travolta(in a cat suit) searches for a furry little kitten. The kitten was actually right infront of a gargantuan T-Rex from the Edo Period that had a habit of smelling his fingers after he chokes his chicken. Often he does wander among flowers but thats only because he discoverd an injured kitten. Using magic to have disturbing pleasures, horrified the kitten with his large WMD, initiated WWIII, which led to a bloody mess. In the aftermath only 7 remained, AKA the 7 swordsmen of the Celestia. With their their little penis's, they set forth the extermination of rutine, something bad for the president.

Later, my cat got horny over little pieces of INNOCENCE which were later found by the espada who eat little children. Then when they discovered the truth they began the extermination of the Yomas that looked like Sasuke Uchiha. After the massacre he went to KFC for some Juicy drumsticks then, I decided to take a walk. Then I saw the hottest girl i'd ever seen,in my life. I make it rain on her everyday just to see her wet, so when I got a feel I could make her scream like a wild animal born in hell with gasoline panties which are on sideways on its twisted and disfigured ass. Then it moved the part that jiggled more then those of the south side of the person's unmentionable and indescribable Musical Instrument.

Afterwards, the beginning of time started to fluctuate causing time to move forward. Broken glass everywhere with little children killing without thought and destroying the evilness within those god damned little hearts of the Squirrels. These Squirrels were as annoying as the Chipmunks who sang like freaking bitches that