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    Question What happened to Deadman Wonderland???

    I'm just wondering why there are no new chapters added to the Deadman Wonderland series. Did it end, were the chapters never created, I gotta know. I've been reading and watching that series for a while and i just wish i knew how it ended... hopefully with this post someone could give me some closure on this delema cause its driving me nuts

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    I hope on the globe.
    It's a hiatus, you don't need to worry, it's the same reason that the Breaker new waves is on Hiatus.
    Well, the author of Deadman Wonderland is female, and off course she had an adventure in bed. And now the little sprout wants to be born. So, she's on pregnency leave.

    Well, you can also read Btooom! or Area D - Inou Ryouiki, they've got similar plots with Deadman Wonderland also on a prison island...

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