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    What if Vastro Lordes were a lie?

    I mean is that really that unlikely? Think about it, for their supposedly amazing strength and power they don't seem to have done much with it, seeing how they should be uber powerful wouldn't they be like a giant glowing signal to anyone who can sense reiatsu? So with all their power why aren't they going around wrecking havoc and destroying soul society? Maybe it's because they don't actually exist!!! Maybe it's because centuries ago the Shinigamis won a war against the Hollows and were about to destroy Hueco Mundo so they hollows began spreading rumours of these "Vastro Lordes who, if found, can destroy SS with only 10 in their ranks" to scare away the Shinigami and combined their powers to create feats of huge powers to support their rumours.
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    facts don't always have to be true

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    Well from what we've been told it seems that Vasto Lordes live deep within Hueco Mundo. Who knows how far in that is, so its logical that they're reiatsus can't be felt. Also, it wouldn't be unnatural for them to hide their own reiatsu. If they're as close to a shinigami as a hollow can get, then I'm pretty sure they know how to control they're power. They're probably not like Ichigo, who can't stop his reiatsu from constantly leaking. And there is only one hollow that we know of that possibly had contact with possible Vasto Lordes and that was Grand Fisher, but he's dead....

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    Exactly what I was going to say.

    By the way 12LetterName, your name isn't 12 letters, it's only 10 and two numbers Still a clever name though.

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    nah i dont think they r a rumor, n yes i agree w/ afros post, but cud sum1 plz tell me how grand fisher has a relationship w/ vasto lordes i never saw dis before
    if vasto lordes were in fact a rumor it wud b very disappointing 2 not c them and it wud result in an outrage from the fans also i doubt the captains wud b fooled into thinking several different combined reiatsus is actually just 1 very powerful one

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    i dont see the use of this thread... its been stated they exist... :/

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