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Unfortunately this is probably true but I hope Kenpachi manages to rough up His Majesty before its over. Byakuya looked pretty lame getting beat in 5 mins against just one of these guys while Kenpachi took down 3 without breaking much of a sweat.

- I was thinking the same thing Ichigo beating Kenpachi back then without even a bankai made no sense yet he struggled against Byakuya with a bankai????

- Ichigo should have his shit together by now enough so that lame traps like this don't hold him down.
The only thing that would make sense is that kenpachi indeed got a lot stronger during the time skip as what the "novel" and kubo had planned for him to be in his comments to be able to defeat 3 SR's who are at least captain class, shock blondie white bean pole with just reiatsu alone, be labeled as a monster by enemies who can take down captains and to do such damage in one strike

I don't see any other way he could have done this other than depending on matchups as to what ability would fair most between combatants