You guys think anything is Excellent. I for one thought that the chapter had some great potential but each page only showed missed opportunities. Major push for Kenpachi. I thought it was quite funny and extremely badass how he explained downing three SRs and showing how easy it was for him to do so. I knew he'd cross arms with Buckbeard just as I knew he wouldn't be able to match him but while predictable, Kenpachi streamrolling three SR was worth the price of admission. Ichigo doing another I'm going to save everyone speech is probably good for kids but it really circumvents the severity of this so-called war. You can't save everyone by just believing you can but apparently a lot of people go for that sort of thing so it's no wonder Ichigo's escapist bullshit struck a chord with so many readers. Yamamoto showed up a bit too soon in my book. He'll probably have a slightly difficult time with this guy but I can't help but feel this was all part of Buckbeard's plan to lure out the old man so the Vandenreich doesn't have to go through the trouble of fighting all of SS. After three or four chapters we still don't know who saved Uruhara which can only mean Kubo doesn't know who it is either. Improbable plot twists ahead.