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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post

    Any chapter cross is proven wrong is a good chapter in my book. Let us discuss shall we?

    Edit: Do to Manga Panda's water mark, it's hard to see that it was both Zoro and Kinemon who cut through the door. The water mark covers half of Zoro.
    Look at how our theory of a Supernova alliance has grown! Pretty sure we are seeing a full fledged birth of the fourth great power!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero Phoenix View Post
    Now THIS is how you do a manga. Bleach, Naruto, Hitman, all crap but this weeks One Piece, I can't remember the last time so much badassery was packed into a single chapter of anything. Give us some good panels and something to look forward to next chapter. Why does Oda always have to teach his competition how to write? When I saw Kidd my only reaction was "Shit just got real!!" We're looking at two separate alliances among the Supernova and wow if Law and Luffy team up with Kidd and the rest the government may be dealing with a threat bigger than the yonkou. OK, I'm getting ahead of myself but damn these boys are badass!! I got the chills. I LITERALLY had chills going down my spine. Let's get the Supernovas some theme music.

    I'm not convinced that there are two separate alliances here. The way Killer was talking is would seem as if Law has been planning this for a while and has already contacted or at least invited the rest of the Supernovas to join. It would surprise me if this turns out to be a split in alliances.

    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Time for the analysis for this chapter, brought to you by xioaxioa.

    Lets start with the Cover:
    Of my own opinion, it has zero importance, of course opinions hold no value and so lets ignore how much I don't like Jumbo. This cover arc will more than likely cover up loose ends on fishman island; such as what will happen to caribou and that one fat guy, I forget his name, along with Wadatsumi and Vander Decken. It really shows how fat fishman, his name just escapes me, is more suited for protecting fishman island than joining the crew.

    The reason the Brokers don't mention Franky when they mention everyone else is because where Luffy is a high end pirate captain, Law is a Shichibukai, Smoker is a Vice Admiral and Robin has eluded the World Government for over twenty years. Franky and Tashigi, while are more than likely stronger than Robin, are not that well known. It would be different if they knew Franky knows how to build Pluton(along with Vega Punks enhancements). I was also kidding when I said Tashigi is stronger than Robin.

    The Brokers shown this chapter seem to be someone from the Long Arm Tribe, Pekoms and Tomago, some due, and Kidd.

    It should be noted that this saga is currently known as the Super Nova vs Yonkou Saga. That said, Chances are Law and Killer seem to be the masterminds behind and will be the ones to gather them up for the Fight against Big Mam. Yes, Big Mam. As of current we have, Kidd, Luffy, Hawkins, Law, Apoo and Killer and Zoro are an obvious. Left are Drake, Bonney, Bege and Urouge.

    So now everyone is together in one place. Time for the final showdown.
    LMAO my friend!
    I believe it is Lucci
    You all doubted her return......heehheeehheehheehe

    Also, as people are mentioning how Apoo can have a higher bounty than Hawkins, it's rather simple. Even if Apoo is weaker than Hawkins, his tendency to wreck havok regardless of whether he is being cautious toward his well being or simply being that much of a fighter (both sides we saw this chapter), Apoo seems to be much more of a loose cannon while Hawkins is a calculated fighter. Thus, the higher bounty goes to the greater percieved threat.

    Awesome chapter and despite the extended wait now to see next week's, well worth the early read.
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