I dunno why you guys hate the possibility for Tobi being Obito. Maybe kishi didn't want hide the fact they were the same person. it's just the fans minds that make all the twists.
Kishi has done a good job confusing us . He's shown us the "wrinkled face", made us believe Obito died (cuz it really looked like he was smashed for good), made all of us believe he was madara, since he knew so many things about his past and all. I bet more than half naruto fans were convinced of tobi being madara until kishi showed us he wasn't. It means kishi made a good job tricking us. He deceived us giving us info that seemed to negate the possibility of him being Obito.
I, myself, was once a huge and convinced Obito=Tobi supporter, but kiushi made me doubt it seriously, and in the end i believed he was Madara.
Kishi is now simply trolling all of these fans that negated Tobi=Obito. There is evidence that points to the fact he isn't, but in the end he will be and half naruto fandom will be trolled and like wtf I can't wait