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Thread: Total Twist

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    Total Twist

    Just wanna see how people would respond to this:

    There is another survivor in the Uchiha Clan, who could it be, none other than NARUTO.

    It could make somewhat sense, they never really gave him a clan, and when he was hated upon by everyone, the clan could have been like,"screw you" and sent him off.

    As for activating the sharingan, he could just be like a late bloomer or some crap, sorta like Obito.

    it would be sorta funny to see that happen

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    puff puff pass....

    Seriously His parentage has been stated (none of which were Uchiha...) so dream on...

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    Every Uchiha shown so far has black hair and dark eyes, indeed, every Hyuuga we've seen (They are the predecessors of the Uchiha) has dark hair. He bears no resemblance to the clan, has a stated parentage that is not of the clan and is incapable of using the Katon jutsu which are as much a symbol of the Uchiha clan as the Sharingan. Furthermore, Obito activated the Sharingan at thirteen and he was an unbelievably low-teir Uchiha, Naruto is now 16-ish.

    This is also a theory, so I'll move it to the theory forum.

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    namikaze minato =naruto's father
    uzumaki kushina=naruto's mother
    naruto related to uchiha's= impossible...

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    This is Naruto's dad

    This is Naruto's mom

    Now lets do some simple math.


    Where (n) means "not Uchiha", understand?

    Originally posted by Howdy
    Do you idiots honestly think that Kishimoto will waste our time showing us a crippled Nagato lying in a hospital bed that Naruto can defeat just by switching off his life support machine?

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