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    As Kilua isn't with Gon, it looks like he went back to his mountain before Gon woke up

    Wonder what happened with Aluka... more interested in that...

    Maybe Gon & Leorio will pick-up Kilua again like last time :s Wonder how many gates they can open now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    Something to do with keeping alluka's ability a secret I assumed.
    Or he just doesn't want gon to feel indebted to him so much as to do something crazy and stupid for his sake. Killua knew how to get around alluka's ability hence why he used it but we all know how gon gets when he is trying to protect or save a friend and will be even worse if he finds out what killua did for him.

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    Ok, I din't expected that. I forgot to include Kaito in my deductions as well. Very interesting chapter. What will happen now? Is Killua gonna fight his bro? Damn Togashi is on a roll here.

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    Loooooove this chapter was pure fun for me and made my day so far :'D , hope togashi somehow includes the phantoms soon

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    I adore Pariston. He's a wonderful troll. The fact that he's so sad about Netero's death makes him an even better character. Although he is certainly an oddball haha.The funniest thing about all this is, Teradain's whole group (aside from Lupe Fiasco) got killed over a practical joke.


    Pariston now officially on the legendary trolls list

    Overall a good chapter. The art was definitely off every couple of pages though. Granted that'll be fixed in the volume releases, but still it's jarring.

    this page

    i forgot how long i haven`t laugh this hard when reading a manga,damn you Togashi.

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    Pariston trolled like no other! I couldn't stop laughing when they called Ging child neglector !

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    This page why I still read HxH.

    Although seeing Killua all emotional its like out of character for him or might be just me watching the new anime series of hxh.

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