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    MST, where do you get the info about 6th october??
    is it reliable???

    agreed with u guys. HxH is a wasted potential. somehow i think it should beat naruto, but with current condition, surely impossible

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    It's reliable I think it was an ad in WSJ.

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    thanx for confirmation. i'm googling too, here is the news

    since we're comparing hxh with naruto, here is a (late) bad news. in 2007 manga ranking, hxh was in #6 while naruto in #4. it's hard to hope a stop-n'-go-manga beat the steady one. though hxh beat the bleach (#7)

    in my experience,
    At first, i learned leeching manga to read hxh and onepiece. after the hxh paused, it left me the onepiece, only. to fill the waiting time, i look for another lot-of-series and scheduled-released manga such as naruto and even bleach at last, .

    the conclusion is : even the art dropped, many of us(incl. me) still love hxh for the plot. but the hiatus will cause a greater disappointment

    ps : if someone ask me what manga do you read, i'll say : 1. onepiece 2. hxh

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    Shit yeah! 281 is out! Killua attacks like a mad cunt! Gonna go pick up the new volume this weekend to celebrate!

    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    blood is thicker than water. luffy cant swim in water. theres some logic in there
    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy

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    ahhh finally,cool chap. killua kicks ass,til he runs away^^

    Sig & Ava = Jaiden

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    So is it going to coming out weekly or monthly or even bi-weekly from now on? As much as I love that the next chapter came out it has been a really long wait and am wondering if I should even expect this series to come out. And the rumors that the series will end after this storyline is that true?

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    4 months And Finally...Im Terriblely Happy Its Back!!
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    Was about time!

    DIE YOU STUPID ù*$ù$^*=@]° ANTS !!!!11

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    HxH is one of my favorite mangas because of how easy it is to get sucked into fav of it is still near the starting. i hate having to wait months on end though (atleast its not years, oh wait it was also)

    i sorta feel like re-reading it again from the beginning....right after i re-read onepiece

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    If you read in this thread at AP seems that HxH is coming back to Shonen Jump for 10 weeks with new chapters. However, because of HxH coming back, One Piece will be kicked off with no new chapters for 10 weeks, and possibly only having 10 weekly chapters released all year.

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