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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimie View Post
    Why does everyone have to be related to everyone? The Narutoverse is a big place.
    I have to agree w/ him.
    Shibo: i didn't do it,conaio
    Why would I do it?
    How could I cause aaaaall of this?
    *utter chaos and destuction over the Village Hidden in Leaves*
    Oro:*eye twitching; no response avalable*
    Shibo:Am i good, conaico?
    Oro: Y-Yes! you are an angel sent to help me with my dreams!
    Shibo:*eyes shining*REALLY!? Which village is next?
    Oro: Not a village, but the Akatsuki!
    Shibo: YAY! *runs off, killing several Akatsuki members in the process...*
    Shibo's not an angel
    She will never be

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    why is this thread even open?

    Let the pervert inside of you awaken!

    Join the SOS Brigade or else...

    You may be good, but I'm Draciel!

    May Haruhi-sama *worships* save us all

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    God damnit people, check the date of the post ahead of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzikage View Post
    they kinda look alike

    I Got This Off Another Site
    They said they removed all his piercings and took all the spirals out of his eyes, then take his piercings off and then give him a Konoha forehead protector and then give him whiskers lol

    That is not pain that was a body that pain controlled

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    Let's end this.

    Madara mentioned that Nagato's hair turned white, and that the Uzumaki's trademark hair was red. This means that Nagato was apart of the Uzumaki clan. Naruto's apart of the uzumaki clan. So they're distantly related.

    Nagato comes from Kushina's side. This also means that he must have been related to the Senju, which gives him some sort of lineage from the Sage of the 6 paths. Which gives a better reason why he had the rinnegan.

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