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    History's strongest disciple Kenichi manga question??

    Edit: Can someone move this to the Shonen Manga section please.... yup... i'm a goon.

    I'm not entirely sure where this goes so apologies in advance if i've failed to go through the "Correct channels"

    Anyways, i was just wondering what's going on with this manga, this site (and nearly all others (the rest trailing behind)) has chapter 104 as the latest. I was just wondering why? (i'm not intending to be rude at all so if it comes across that way blame my crappy wording (sorry about that)) I've had a look see around on the old web and i've found the raws for chapters all the way up to at least volume 20... which is definitely past chapter 104.

    Is there some reason as to why the scanlation is so far behind? (again, that wasn't meant to be rude, i just can't find a better way of wording right this second and i'm typing this out while trying to avoid the eyes of my teacher (i'm at college))

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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