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    I'm supposed to be in japan...yet i spend more time in the middle of the pacific
    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    admire the awsomeness of j-chan (god rests his soul)

    YouTube - Naruto: Narutimate Accel - Jiraya rasengan with fire element
    now, if only he could've used something like that against pain, i doubt that those bodies would have gotten up again after being smacked with one of those bad boys.

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    Using the Rasengan and creating is two different things. Remember Kakashi can create the Rasengan as well but he can't use because it requires someone with a great reserve of chakra to constant using it within fights. And the time it takes to create is based on the person concentration and will.

    It can't be copied or imitated as Tusande once state only two person can truly use the jutsu and they are both dead now. That was before Naruto mastered it in two weeks.

    So you can't speak about manipulating the rasengan with other element chakra create more powerful jutsu that easy. Remember for Naruto to add his wind chakra to his rasengan it took a great deal of work. Something Kakashi nor the Fourth Hokage who developed the Rasengan couldn't have done within their lifetime.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    Minato Namikaze was a genius!
    He created a technique of pure chakra, without any seal but one of the most powerful in the manga.
    It's also the only one that can be manipulated by all the elments.
    I wonder what are like all the element types of Rasengan.
    Wind element is Rasenshuriken, but what are katon, suiton, doton, raiton Rasengan like?
    And imagine if Pain, who thanks to his ability can manipulate all elements, have learned rasengan. He could mold all chakra types in the rasengan creating the ultimate jutsu.
    Please post your opinions.

    yea !!!
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    escapeejm I agree

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    So you can't speak about manipulating the rasengan with other element chakra create more powerful jutsu that easy. Remember for Naruto to add his wind chakra to his rasengan it took a great deal of work. Something Kakashi nor the Fourth Hokage who developed the Rasengan couldn't have done within their lifetime.
    I never said it's easy, even in past posts I said that it requires a huge amount of chakra and ability. Chakra can be increased with experience and maybe training something like 20 years would make you have enough chakra. As for ability you must train, train and train and after another 20 years you may create your own rasengan.

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    The rasengan is one of those high-ranked jutsus (A/S) and that by just mastering the Rasengan takes years to master... While adding your own elemental chakra to the rasengan is ranked higher than a ranked-S jutsu... Any element can be added to rasengan aslong as the user can manipulate that element... While with naruto... He first learned how to manipulate wind... If he had first learned the element of water or fire, i guess we would have seen a different rasengan... The Tajuu Kagebunshin suited naruto because since he had an enormous amount of chakra, Kakashi thought that it would cut down naruto's training time... Well it did work and fortunately naruto immediately learned how to manipulate his elemental chakra... Then combining elemental and spatial recomposition together... Even Kakashi admitted that naruto was endowed with a unique talent that even surpassed his father, and it showed. (Combining both elemental and spatial recomposition together something not even his father was able to master, he was able to master it in shorter amount of time)

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    i know i know its cool and all that you can add lightning or fire or whatever but how about all five elements i dunno if itll be possible but if it was and naruto could do it it should be called...FIVE ELEMENT RAENGAN!

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    But seems that Rasengan is the elements of Kaze, we cannot creat it with any other property!
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    any element can work with the rasengan.

    By the way Minato copyed the tailed beast bomb, thats what the rasengan is.

    Rasengan isnt a bloodline limit so technically anyone use it, but that doesnt mean anyone will use it.

    For example einstein worked on ground breaking theories that we still use today, why didnt some back in einstein's day think of the same think?

    Some times there's are things that not all ppl can do despite having the prequites, like why cant we all be doctors? we all have the potenical to do it but not everyone is a doctor are they?
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    Well, Minato and Kakashi are one of the most skilled people in the series, if they couldn't do it with just skill, than that's it, you can't do it with skill alone. You have to use a proper method, but to use that method, you need to have a skill in something else first (KB).

    It's a tricky thing, but currently, beside Naruto only one more person can do it and that's Konohomaru - the 3rd hokage's grandson, at least potentially, since he already acquired enough skill in KB and is capable of making a Rasengan (at that age and supposedly, filler wise, even the Odama version(so probably not ;P)). The next step for him is to add an element to it (his was fire ?).

    Well, I guess a jinchuriki can do it as well, since shape manipulation with a bijuu chakra is a child's play (how does it work, wasn't explained), thus adding an additional element to it is quite easy (that's why Naruto in KCM can do it without clones).

    Oh right, about the 5 elemental version, unfortunately it's impossible since some of the elements (like fire and water) would just cancel each other out. The only way to do this would be with a kekkei genkai that unites those 5 elements, but then that would be a new sub-element, thus no longer 5 elemental one.

    On the other hand, it might be possible (assuming that someone has the necessary amount of each element, or has the same trait as So6p and Nagato) to create 5 Rasengans with each different element (but that still would need to utilize clones).

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    well konohamaru wont be able to add an element to his rasengan, if minato could do it then he wont be able to do it either, also konohamaru isnt an uzumaki or a jinchuriki so he doesnt have the stamina or chakra pool that naruto has.

    also Zero, you are wrong that water and fire cancels each other out, there is no proof of that afaik, fire is just weak against water. as i see it, the only 1 that could possibly do it currently in the narutoverse is naruto, he has enough stamina and chakra to create 4 clones+himself and each can create a nature transformed(transforming his nature type chakra of wind and change it into fire, earth, water and lightning) rasen shuriken, each with a different element and then do what minato did with naruto and made the ultimate rasengan by merging them or just make a huge rasengan with each clone adding each elemental type of chakra to the rasengan atleast in theory.

    the real badass version would be the yin/yang version of the rasengan.

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