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who the hell said i'm still watching the anime? i'm just posting my opinion on this thread THAT IS ENTITLED "WHAT DO YOU HATE ABOUT NARUTO ANIME". One more time, if you watch it and like it, don't post here! Don't continuously come post on this thread to cry about how people give their opinions about how they don't like the anime. Stop being such a hypocrite and stop acting so smart because you want to act cool. shippuden is crap, everyone knows it and people just want to post their thoughts on the thread(one more time so you understand, you don't seem that smart) "WHAT DO YOU HATE ABOUT NARUTO ANIME".
Did I say I liked the Naruto anime? You have no idea what anime I like or dont like nor if I watch anime at all. Im not talking specifically to you, but to everybody that posted here .First off, I dont believe this thread should even exist. Who created a thread solely to bash this anime? Second, it confuses me as to why people still watch Naruto anime if it sucks so much. If it sucks, move on or drop it. Third, in what way am I a hypocrite and how am I trying to act "smart"?

Do you even know the definition of a hypocrite? If anyones a hypocrite it would be everyone that posted in this thread. You say how much you guys hate the anime but you continuously watch it week after week to fuel your claims.