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  • Kabuto

    16 34.78%
  • Sasuke

    3 6.52%
  • Both

    10 21.74%
  • Sasuke will fight off the oro in him

    10 21.74%
  • Kabuto will fight off the oro in him

    0 0%
  • None

    7 15.22%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truesoul View Post
    If it is Orochimaru taking over, I don't think it's anything to do with Sasuke being tired and out of chakra. I think it's more that for a second he thought he'd defeated Itachi, so his resolve/willpower faded for an instant. It could foreshadow Sasuke being taken over by Orochimaru AFTER this fight, and Naruto having to rescue him from Orochimaru, which he's failed in doing twice now. Third time's the charm.

    OR it could simply be that his cursed seal 2 form is taking on orochimaru's characteristics, and no more. With Sasuke's wings both being destroyed, and now with that eye makeup appearing, it looks like Kishimoto is trying to change what his cursed seal form looks like. Naruto's form when he fought Sasuke has changed alot, but Sasuke's form hadn't. Now they've both changed, which will make way for a much more interesting Naruto vs Sasuke rematch. It almost seems like Kishi is trying to form Sasuke as the ultimate ninja and Naruto as the ultimate monster.

    THAT would be hilarious.

    the first paragraph, i think it does have to do with him being tired and out of chakra because if he is out of chakra, the oro inside him has a high chance of activating, i think its like a last resort thing, it is possible that it could be because of anger but am kind of going with the out of chakra theory.

    and another thing oro did give sasuke the curse seal mark, that like oro's sign so sasuke going curse seal with oro's remains in him will make oro in him a lil bit strong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakshow View Post
    I hate when people bring up Jiraya when named Orochimaru still alive.
    Jiraya died proudly and as expected of a sannin he fought great and was feared, even Pein was afraid of Jiraya finding his weakness, and admitted he would loose if he did.
    While Orochimaru "died" really pathetic and unrealistic "death", and he was a sannin:S
    So I think Kishi want`s to make up for us and for Orochi and show how great and immortal Orochi really is, and proof that he is legendary sannin for something.

    He is gonna take over someone and he is gonna comeback that` s pretty obvius.
    AND.. He`s gonna have a huge role in the series again^^
    Said the ORO -fan boy ^^ he died just the way he should have at the hands of one of his students perfect irony. Hes not coming back any more than Zabuza & Haku or the 3rd Hokage hes dead "D.E.A.D." Accept it !

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    oro wont be popping out of sasukes body. Sasuke is in full control and oro isnt around
    when oro takes control of any of the body he uses, those people dont pop out again, so dont be expecting oro to pop out in sasukes body later. We have already seen that oro will return in kabuto's body
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