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    Which top 3 fights do you want to see in anime form?

    -Ok so the idea here is to list your fav 3 fights from the manga version of naruto you would like to see in anime form
    -This means the fights that have not yet been released and no fights that have already been seen. (as im writing this episode 48 has just come out so only fights from this and beyond )

    -Cause lets face it reading it is one thing but seeing the actual animated fight is another.(The fight with sasori is so much cooler and more understandable in anime form too me)

    So here would be my top 3 fights I wann see in anime form:
    1: Sasuke vs Deidara *(i think this fight was so action packed it will translate real well)
    2: Jiraiya vs Pein
    3: Kakashi/Naruto vs Kakuza *(i have a feeling this fight will be more intresting in anime form + i want to see Wind Shuriken Rasengan in anime form ^^)

    Post your top 3 you want to see and please stay on Topic.

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    Jiraya vs Pein
    Sasuke vs Itachi
    Shikamaru vs Hidan or what was he called (The same time Kakashi/Naruto beated Kakuzu, not the previous fight)

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    Jiraiya vs Pein
    Hidan/Kakuzu vs Shikamaru/Kakashi/Naruto
    and.... Deidara vs Sasuke / Sasuke vs Itachi. (cant decide which.)

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    1: Hidan & Kakuzu vs Asuma and co.
    2: Jiraiya vs Pein.
    3: Deidara vs Sasuke.

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    hidan vs asuma
    jiraiya vs pein
    dedara vs sasuke

    i really want to see asuma die in anime form
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    Asuma Vs Hidan (although i dont wanna see Hidan in his death-like form, kinda distgusting, ahahaha)

    Naruto VS Kakuzu (I wanna see too the Rasen-Shuriken)

    and although im not sure this really happened, but I believe it somewhat happened a very long time ago, when they were still kids, rivals before they fall in love with each other, ahahaha

    Minato VS Kushina
    besides, i wanna know what kind of technique she uses that they say somewhat like Naruto's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    1: Hidan & Kakuzu vs Asuma and co.
    2: Jiraiya vs Pein.
    3: Deidara vs Sasuke.
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    Naruto/kakashi vs kakuzu
    Shikimaru vs hidan (cos i want to see shiki smoking at the end)
    Jiraiya vs Pein
    I also want to see sasuke vs deidara

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    sasuke vs itachi
    naruto vs kakuzu
    j-man vs pein
    (should be way more fluid in anime form)

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    Sasuke vs Deidara
    Jiraiya vs Pein
    Shikamaru vs Hidan

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