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    Quote Originally Posted by minidevi View Post
    Why'd you revive a dead thread?
    Because i can. I only finished reading it like a week or 2 ago.. So i was wondering if there even was a thread. It was cancelled, so i was kinda pissed.

    I was kinda interested in what MS thought of it, too. Yeah, i didnt need to post, but whats so bad about reviving a thread, anyway? :-p It not like it harms anyone... cept in this case it might bring back bad memories of its cancellation..

    Plus, i figure if i bring back the thread others might get to know about it.. :-p

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    That's ok Chaos, you just be like Kabuto and go revive some more good threads.

    Seriously, I really don't get why they wouldn't allow the mangaka to finish his story. Unless the mangaka planned to finish later, what he should've done was write the ending in like 50 pages or so, without drawing the story, and least let the fans read what his intentions were with the story, how he would've finished it. If the publisher owned the rights to the story, and still didn't want to publish 50 pages for a last chapter by the mangaka, atleast give him authorization to release it online on his own site.
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    True, I never got why he didnt keep on writing it somewhere else in some way. Id have to guess he wasnt allowed because of some rights or whatnot.. Though I dont really know much about that shit. I dont understand about why someone would be an ass and not allow him to finish, though. >.< The way he ended it made it look like he could start up where he left off, too.. So ill just hope that happens some day not to far away..

    At the rate the story was going it had 100+ chapters left too.. >.>

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