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    Indeed, it is deeper than just killing; it's just that the first chapters are a bit confusing.

    By now I'm on volume 5 and still loving this, it's just becoming more and more awesome. Already one of my favourites seinens!

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    just by reading the first manga it seems edgey, but ill have to wait till summer to get really involved in reading it

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    New release:

    We're looking for a new editor!!!
    So if anyone is interested in working with us on TWIM, PM me plz! Experience required!

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    I wish I was an editor and such to move TWIM forward, I hope you get some applications, Siedjeey :S

    About the last three chapters, pure awesomeness. I'm expecting the next chapters to be epic with Mon vs Higumadon

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    Yeah I hope we get some applications soon...
    If you happen to know an editor who is interested, plz PM me!

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    I've caught up with the latest chapter in this manga but a little confused with the plot. Can someone elaborate what is going on?

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    On a sidenote: petr has returned to KEFI to help us with TWIM once again! YAY!
    But we are still looking for a new dedicated editor since petr has a lot of other projects going on as well. So if anyone is willing to help out let me know!

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    And we're back alive after six months!!!! 3 new chapters have been released thanks to our new editor pandaemonium:

    We left off at a terribly exciting cliffhanger, now go and read!

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    w0000t another release! We're going to release a chapter each week at least until the end of volume 8! Enjoy!!!!

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    Keh, these are great news, Siedjeey. Thanks.

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