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    The World Is Mine ~ Hideki Arai

    Author: Arai Hideki
    Author's Other Works:
    - Kiichi!! (Scanlated by Kotonoha)
    Serialized in: Young Sunday [Shogakukan]
    Number of Volumes: 14
    Genre: seinen, psychological
    Story: Meet Mon, a violent killer faithful only to his own eruptive desires, and his timid companion Toshi, a demolition-devil with a fanatical thirst for destruction. Their killing-spree across Japan is destined to intersect the path of the enormous "Higumadon", a mysterious beast on a Godzilla-like rampage from Hokkaido towards Tokyo.

    Download:KEFI DDL
    For a nice review of this series: robots never sleep: The World Is Mine
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    So does anyone read this manga? Or do we have a more shounen public here?
    Pity though that it's not so well known and underappreciated. It can easily compete with the more well known seinen out there.
    Any opinions?

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    Volume 6 has been released! Go and read^^

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    Volume 7 has begun! Download it at KEFI (link in first post!) and enjoy another wonderful seinen.

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    I'm still at second volume and I'm really loving this, I like it even more than Kiichi!

    I'll catch up when I have some free time

    Quote Originally Posted by Siedjeey View Post
    Or do we have a more shounen public here?
    Any opinions?
    Yes. But I hope we spread good seinen titles around the community with threads like this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    I'm still at second volume and I'm really loving this, I like it even more than Kiichi!
    Although Kiichi!! and TWIM are from the same author they differ greatly from one another. I have already finished reading Kiichi!! (in french) and I can't wait for Kiichi VS to come out.
    Btw I'm surprised you already like TWIM after the first two volumes, since these two tend to "scare" people away due to their violent and confused storytelling. But the best is yet to come

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    Volume 7 is finished! Download it here: KEFI

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    Just finished volume 3 (I hardly find time to read), and I must say it has become one of my favourites seinens, just awesome. Love the art, the action, how the characters are, their weird minds... all great!

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    dude i just read the first chapter, might actually read the whole manga but before i do that...

    someone tell me that this is alot more deeper than just random killing

    like why he killed the michael jackson sumo guy, im thinking cuz he doesnt like fake plastic people, maybe cuz he hates the way he looks?..if so this is the coolest manga ever

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    It IS a lot deeper than random killing.
    Read it you'll love it

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