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    Well, Strays (best quality in vagabond) has released until 252; chapters beyond that are done by not-so-good groups, so I suggest you to have a bit of patience

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    Guess I just grow impatient when I see weekly junk-manga get released so fast, and quality manga like Zetman and Vagabond take ages.

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    Then I suggest you to scanlate Zetman or Vagabond by yourself (and do it faster than others).

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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG
    the thing is no one is translating Vagabond, not just Scanlating

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    Guess I'll just study japanese and read the raws in a couple of years time then!

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    I'm beginning to wonder if that would be faster. Since i've seen translators give out quick translations in a couple of hours for a manga, and its been almost 45 days (1000 hours), it seems as though people have given up on this one. It wouldn't be a bad idea for more to learn japanese.

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    new vagabond out w00t at onemanga
    Those who wander aren't always lost.

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    Yeah finally someone pulled a translation of one of the best mangas out of their ass.

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    Anyone still reading this?

    Seems like it's coming to an end, latest chapter 288 mentons fujima

    Where musashi is supposed to kill kojiro.

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    Yep, I still read it, I think the author said a few years ago when he planned to end it, and it appears he kept his word. Once it is completed, I'm going read it again from start to finish.

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