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  • Sasuke was stronger

    9 13.24%
  • Naruto didn't have killing intent

    41 60.29%
  • Rasengan 1 tails is weaker than CS2 Chidori

    7 10.29%
  • Other

    11 16.18%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovetowatchanime1 View Post
    I think we can agree rasengan is stronger than chidori look at when Kakashi threw them and we saw the damage they caused. I think Naruto stopped the rasengan because we saw him scratch the forehead protector not rasengan it.
    i think the rasengan's destrutive power is more than chidori......
    but chidori is more of a piercing jutsu than destructive.........
    when two collide i thinks its a safe bet to say that they r on par.....
    we've been showed that twice at VOTE.....

    during the VOTE .....
    naruto sratched sasukes forehead with the kyubi's chakra...
    but sasuke also punched naruto with the back side of his hand (meanin the side opposite to where the chidori was).....

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    Chidori and Rasengan were cancelled out during that last exchange, thats why Sasuke punched him.

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    I think it's safe to assume that with equal power, rasengan is by far more powerful, I think even when clashing. If I haven't misunderstood Naruto's line after their first clash, I've always assumed he didn't go all out, while Sasuke put all his best in his chidori. Still it was a draw.
    Btw Sasuke is a freaking ninja, he doesn't need chakra or time to kill a fainted guy. He could have just slit, ripped, crushed and what more, Naruto's throat. That would have taken like 2 seconds. He didn't because he had changed his mind a bit. Or because Naruto is the main char. Pick your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisss View Post
    well if naruto had more killing intent, he would most likely be more angry and anger is what triggers the kyuubi's charka, so my guess would be naruto would have taken his 2 tails form and unload on poor little sauce gay.
    Sauce Gay!! I am crying laughing right now. But for sure Sasuke won because Naruto didnt have the intent of killing Sauce Gay! LMAO!
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    People should use some common sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zetta View Post
    Thats my point. and regarding common sense, people who don't use it are practically idiots.

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    Naruto made a larger impression by scratching the forehead protector, I think. It wasn't about hurting Sasuke in the end, just about proving him wrong.

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    well i sorta, not much but sorta agree with naruto not having a killing intent but, naruto never wanted to kill him anyway, and at the last second of impact sasuke was gonna pierce through naruto but just ended up punching him with chidori instead, and am sure naruto canceled out the rasengan, before it hit sasuke, am sure a jutsu that blew a hole in a water thank can take out sasuke's head especially a kyubbi charged one.

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    naruto din't had the kill-intent and thats why he lost the fight , cuz why would you kill someone who you are trying to save , and bring back home alive.

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