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Thread: Guns in Naruto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ndes View Post
    they certainly dont have a broadcasting system otherwise they wouldnt be using messenger hawks. an without that tvs would suck.

    a) neither guns nor cars work on dynamite
    b) they could build guns if they used explosive notes to accelerate the bullets.
    NO SHIT...i didn't knowO_o
    thanks for the super obvious info
    and go read a bit about the basics of guns...and you'll figure that if there was NO Alfred Nobel,there wouldn't have been any guns.we're talking about the main concept of the revolutionary way of using the release of thermal energy(aka the heat)....

    they could build guns if they used explosive notes to accelerate the bullets
    wow,how's that...since they ignite the tags with 2 hands seal(exept hokage level and haku)
    ,they'll be putting bullets in guns and shooting by forming a hand seal O_o...and the gun they can put it on the ground while they're doing that ... is that right?
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    i dont understand.....he was making a hand gesture like a gun so did he really mean gun or not? i dont see whats so hilarious about it?

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    It's a self-proclaimed "silly joke" by the scanlator. It even says it there - you honestly can't miss the random "*" then the additional note underneath the slide. But anyways...I didn't think it was funny, it's just what probably everyone thought for a second or two when they saw it.

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    mgsplayer... Guns predate Nobel's birth by more than half a millenium, indeed, recognisably modern weapons like the revolver were extant before his birth, also, drop the inflammatory tone, you're trying to pick a fight with someone who's asking an honest question. Let's all be friends.

    But the question can also be categorically answered: There are not supposed to be any guns in Naruto, and in an interview given sometime in 2003 IIRC (Which I can't find, too old I guess?) Kishimoto did mention this fact.

    This thread can now be closed, we have our answer and mgsplayer has also provided a link to another thread which is more broad in terms of things discussed.

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